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Shanthi Ramachandran  Proud ex-banker,mom,grand mom&insta aunty to many😛! I post what I cook and don't cook to post!Sharing my easy recipes here with ❤️in #shanthiskitchen

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I call my crow(kaka) friends Karaboondi Kaka because they love to eat the spicy boondi ,believe me that too one particular brand😷😂
But due to chennai's severe heat they are very happy to eat curd rice now than anything else,the effect of summer affects them also I think.
Nowadys I am keeping water also in a bowl which is tied to my kitchen window to enable them to drink without any hassle and they also come and drink every now and then.
The best part is when the rice and food particles become dry in the evening they dont waste them but soak them in water and eat😍
Also I make neer more /diluted spiced butter milk or nannari serbath every morning and refrigerate to consume during day time to quench the thirst not only for us but also to give them to my regular vendors,postmen or courier boys who come in the hot sun to perform their duties.
In this online world,Our day becomes incomplete if no courier boy from amazon/flip cart doesn't ring the door bell ,may it be for us or for our neighbours, isn't it?
Hence I make it a point to offer either cool water or butter milk whatever they prefer and its a truth that who were very hesitant to have them at first now have them without any inhibition, I am sharing this here not for boasting but just to share my experience with you all because even water becomes priceless when it quenches the thirst at the right time and it costs nothing for us except giving us some joys of life and I am a person who becomes happiest with such small joys than achieving something very big,might be because of the reasons of having seen both my mom and my mother in law treating everyone at par with more compassion,sympathy and empathy.
Let's try to be good humans and inculcate such good thinking and things to our future generation too because some basic things and human values cannot be taught through education but should be learnt on their own ,that is possible only if you become roll model for your kids ,my humble opinion😊
Take care guys,good night😍

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🏵️Rice,ghee with egg plant puli kootu
🏵️Kovakkai/ivy gourd/tindora roast
🏵️Tomato lemon rasam
🏵️Home made kothavarai/ cluster beans vathal (boiled,sun dried and fried cluster beans)
🏵️ Sweetless😪mangoes & mavadu
🏵️Neer more/diluted spiced butter milk
That egg plant/kathrikkai/brinjal puli kootu is nothing but the thicker version of pitlai or arachu vitta sambar.I used homemade #multipurposespicepowder to make the kootu and added 1 tbsp of dry coconut powder brought by my daughter @madhumitharam in the tempering along with mustard & curry leaves in coconut oil.
For the cluster beans vathal
Half cook tender cluster beans with little more salt with required water.
Let them soak in the salty water for one or two hours.
Remove them ,spread on a broad plate,sun dry them for 2-3 days till they become very crisp.
Deep fry and serve.will come handy when you dont have vegetables.
You can make this ready in the evening,strained cluster beans can be refrigerated and dried from next day.
The boiled water cannot be reused as it would be very salty.
Used the small cute plantain leaves for eating as they can be grown only for leaves in terrace garden.

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A simple lunch with no onion no garlic pulav,cucumber raita & curd millets kind of day😊
Will upload the easy simple pulav recipe later if you need it!

#lunch #shanthiskitchen #shanthiskitchencombos
Simple lunch of radish/mooli paranthas,store bought green chilli pickle (thanks to @mylapore_filtercoffee ),spiced curd and home made sweet & hot lemon pickle!
Of course made rasam and snake gourd kootu for the south indian tongue 😊
Quick rice kheer was flavoured with the badam mix from #aavin
Going to watch #vasoolrajambbs for the umpteenth time,the one film i never feel bored of seeing it again & again😛

#lunch #shanthiskitchen #shanthiskitchencombos
A simple lemon rice,okra roast, keerai masiyal and salad kind of day.
Ofcourse jeera rasam was made & ended with the inevitable curd rice😊

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🌹capsicum,okra ,tomato sambar rice
🌹paruppu rasam rice
🌹chik peas sundal 🌹cabbage coconut stir fry
🌹curd rice with long sized tender mango pickle ( neetu mavadu)
When I was busy with my plating ,neighbourhood friend brought morekozhambu and paruppusili ,when I wanted to say "no" for both said "yes" only for the paruppusili and gently said "no" for morekozhambu😛
Didn't want to lie today saying "I had my lunch already -today being "chitra pournami" & I was remembering my childhood days wherein we were instructed by our elders not to say lies on this day to escape from the punishments of chitra Gupta who is not only the right hand to "Yema Dharma Raja" but also is responsible for writing our accounts of good and bad deeds and we believed in such things ,never felt like asking questions but simply believed our elders and till date "no regrets" for the same,became very nostalgic indeed😊
But the truth is "Pet mein bi chot nahi hi,plate mein bi"

#dinnerscenes #poorimasala #noonionnogarliccooking #aalusabji
#potatomasala😋 #shanthiskitchen #shanthiskitchenrecipe #recipechallengebymathi #auntyeatsunhealthy unhealthy eating of today ended with this poori and potato masala!
Made this dinner for four within half an hour & it is the highlight of today and anything made in a jiffy would turn out superb na?That's what happened today and I patted myself for the same a much deserved one I think😁😂
Ithukku per than thaane kuninju namaskaram panni nimirndu thanakke akshathai pottukaradu😇(Non -tamilians pleach echuch me)
The aalu sabji was a no onion no garlic one pot one.
1)Pressure cook peeled and chopped potatoes with turmeric powder,green chillies,ginger,chopped tomatoes with required water for 3 whistles.
2)After the pressure comes down,mash lightly, add required salt and little besan /kadala mavu mixed with little water, bring it to boil to become thick.
3)Temper with mustard,cumin and curry leaves.garnish with chopped coriander. adding little lemon juice is optional but I like this with lemon juice and added too.
See you tomorrow with one more easy peasy recipe!
Good night guys,take care😍

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#naakunaalumuzham😉 #namakkutastemukkiyam #paruppusadamandavakai #matchmadeinheaven😋
🏵hot sona masoori rice,ghee,salted tur dal with home made fresh avaikai pickle
🏵arai keerai/greens kootu tempered with
the very spicy karamani/lobia ( black eyed beans)button vadams from @shashidhar5866 🏵raw plantain roast ( a quick unhealthy version can be seen from my stories,didn't mind to use more oil instead of me frying in the kitchen😛)
🏵steamed home made sprouts
🏵cheated my husband by reheating the left over rasam as rasam is not mandatory for me
🏵Ofcourse had buttermilk in the place of curd rice to put a full stop.😉
Today's cooking was a mixture of healthy and unhealthy items but a satiating meal on the whole.
As I dont want my fresh avakai pickle to feel bad for not having it along with hot rice mixed with plain tur dal and ghee started my lunch with the out of the world/ yummiest combo ,I think all my Andhra friends could understand my p(f)eelings😛😋 and ofcourse my daughter Madhu @madhumitharam too,missed you dee😘
When thachi mammu with mavadu is an emotion for tamilians ,pappu annam with avakai is also a beautiful emotion for APians ,ownu kaathandee?😛😋
Please do try and give feed back if you want to go to heaven directly😛😛
Voting over,now its time for a good 😴😴
Have a happy long weekend guys!😍

#earlylunchtoday #summerishere #chennaisummerstories #shanthiskitchen #shanthiskitchencombos 🌻rice,ghee,ciconut-raw mango thogayal 🌻ash gourd/poosanikai morekozhambu
🌻neem flower rasam
🌻keerai thandu/stems of edible greens poriyal/coconut stir fry
🌻home made moong sprouts salad for my son
🌻raw mango sweet pachadi sweetened with dates syrup 🌻regular curd with pickle(s)
I substituted tamarind with sour raw mango pieces for the thogayal and used 2 byadagi chilles from @shashidhar5866 along with regular ones to get this colour.

#guesstheflowername #thisistheanswer #terracegarden #shaanthramgarden #omavalliflowers #karpooravalliflowers
I put a story of these flowers last week when I noticed them for the first time in our 10 year old terrace garden but didn't get any nearer guess also.
When I posted this again today so many have messaged me saying they are avarai/broad beans flowers seeing the purple colour.
Few have guessed these flowers might be from tulsi or some other basil family,which I can say are almost nearer to the answer.
One person @geetha_sivakumar has guessed it correct ,hence revealing the correct name of the flower now as I dont want to spoil the sleep of some of my close Acquaintances here😉
These tiny flowers are from our 10 year old omavalli/karpooravalli or ajwain leaves plant and have a very nice herbal fragrance,thanks for guessing with so much enthusiasm.
Had I not seen the flowers on the plant even I would not have guessed.
Thanks one and all!
Consecutive holidays are coming in Chennai to enjoy the long weekend but dont forget to vote before you start enjoying your holidays. Good night,love you all😍

#lunch #shanthiskitchen #shanthiskitchenrecipe #brinjalfryrecipe #eggplantroast #jackfruitseedscurry #jackfruitseedseggplantroast #recipechallengebymathi 🍁Rice,ghee ,brinjal-jack fruit seeds roast
🍁banana blossom kootu
🍁bitter gourd thoran ( from amma #lakshmibhavan😍)
🍁rasam,curd and freshly made avakai
I love to eat hot rice & ghee mixed with brinjal roast ( for that matter with any spicy roasted veggie,might be the effect of being moved with so many AP friends😍) and today relished the same as no one was there to share this yummy roast,missed you @madhumitharam 😘
Could get garden fresh tender brinjals and jack fruit when we recently visited our village and wanted to use the jack fruit😋😋 seeds as well in my cooking today,hence made this baby egg plant ,jack fruit seeds roast.
To make this,
1) Cut 10-12 baby brinjals lengthwise into 4 and keep them in salted water till you use them
2) crush 15-20 jack fruit seeds slightly to remove the outer skin and break them into pieces ,can be pressure cooked along with rice.
3)Heat a wok with 2 tbsp oil,crackle mustard,urad dal,add few pinched curry leaves and add the cut brinjals removed from water.Add 1/2 tsp turmeric powder,mix and cook for few minutes by covering with a lid.
4)open the pan,add the cooked jack fruit seeds,sprinkle required salt,a fat pinch of asafoetida powder, mix gently and cook till the brinjals become soft.
5)add in required #multipurposespicepowder or #homemadesambarpowder and mix gently with a thin ladle and roast for some more minutes.
Check for salt and spices and adjust.
A tsp of tamarind paste can be added in between which will remove the bitterness in brinjals if at all any.
Recipe of #multipurposespicepowder
can be found from my highlights.

#summerishere #summerspecialsalad #summerspecialsnack #chikpeassalad #chikpeassalsasalad #shanthiskitchen #shanthiskitchenrecipe #recipechallengebymathi #auntycanalsoeatclean #nambavaikaraduthanperu😛😛
When I received the paprika & mexican spice powders from @on1yfoods i was infact thinking that they have sent me wrongly instead of sending them to my vera level chef daughter @madhumitharam 😝
On confirmation from them i wanted to use them to give a genuine review,hence tried using both the powders in a single salad of mixed ingredients,and Yes...Everyone loved it when I served it chilled as an evening snack some days ago.Hahaha..A suitable post to use #auntycanalsoeatclean 😉😂
I love salsa and it's tangy taste so just gave that name just for fun😉
Thank you @on1yfoods for the confidence on me,loved the mild yet nice flavours of the spices which enhanced the taste of the salad.
For the recipe of this yummy filling salad ,please hop on to my highlights now and to buy these quality spice powders please DM @on1yfoods

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