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Martel Jackson  I like to dance. It's pretty much my life. Chasing the dream like everyone else. M.y A.dventours R.oad T.hrough E.nduring L.ife Latest video ⬇


Today is the day! All the hard work from the past two weeks will be brought to life tonight. I'm excited to share the stage with my friends, family, and most importantly my community. I'll be presenting a piece tonight with my amazing talented friend @okkayk3. There's still time to buy your tickets online! Doors open at 7:30p And the show is at 8p. @westcoastdancethtr www.EstablishYourEmpire.com

#EstablishYourEmpire #BuildYourBrand #EYEExperience #BuildingEmpires #Buildingstrongdancers #DanceLife #LosAngeles #NorthHollywood #dance #choreography #performance #community

I don't always get to do want I want but luckily I feel that I always do what's meant to be. Teaching, and now mentoring, is something I that I get to do in regards to what I love to do. And there's nothing better than finding more ways to do what you love to do.

Establish Your Empire Finale Showcase
Tomorrow Friday November 17, 2017
Doors open at 7:30pm. Show starts at 8pm.
West Coast Dance Theater
Buy tickets online at www.EstablishYourEmpire.com

Before I end this day I definitely have to give it up to all of these awesome folks for the hard work they've put in the past two weeks now. Honestly it's amazing how much fun I get to have sometimes while I'm "working" AKA being a really big goofball. I definitely learned as much from you as you hopefully all learned from me. HERE'S TO OUR SHOW!

If you're reading this and will be in the Los Angeles vicinity this Friday you should definitely check out the show. www.EstablishYourEmpire.com for all the details and tickets.

#DanceLife #EstablishYourEmpire #BuildingEmpires #foreverastudent #buildingstrongdancers #buildingstrongdancers #community #communitybuilding

Performing tomorrow night for an awesome friend and incredible artist @mjohn116 at the last @clubjete of the year. #DanceLife #busyassweek #somanyrehearsals

#MCM featuring one of the @thegentleladiesintensive. Killer line-up today!

#Repost @mlthestudio

Looks like it’s MAN-CRUSH MONDAY! (Thanks for holding it down for the ladies @lexsaenz12 💪)
1230p Mat Pilates | ALEXIS SAENZ
300p House Foundation | RAY BASA
400p Street Styles | PETE STYLES
800p Kinjaz | CHASE LIHILIHI

#MCM Take your pick from all of the amazing fellas in this video. Teaching today after my great friend, who teaches at 3:30p, at 5p. @mlthestudio. LET'S DANCE! #DanceLife

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When the homies come through 🙏🏾 my choreo to @maurice_xiii #pleaseyou ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
@sh8dytel @_cjsalvador @nickdemoura @januszjotpe @paulrossssss @rob_bynes @kylelester1227 @jchillen_
Switched up the vibe for this one 🤙🏾
#MightyMykell #dance #choreography #chill

This Friday I'll be presenting a piece at the @eyeexperience Finale Shocase at West Coast Dance Theater. Doors open at 7:30p and show starts at 8:00p. You can buy tickets online at www.EstablishYourEmpire.com Hope to see you there! #EstablishYourEmpire #BuildingEmpires

#FBF Just @alekzsamone and I trying to find our lives in Kyle's class.

Hope LA is treating you well Katie.


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I've grown up watching @kylehanagami on YouTube and now I get to live in LA and take his class...feelin real grateful these days. Struggled through this combo with the best @sh8dytel ---
🎶Find You @nickjonas --- @cleartalentgroup #CLEARisHERE

Had an amazing weekend with some awesome artists, @eyeexperience Build Your Brand LA Vol. 1 was definitely a success. This was absolutely a great way to get ready and refreshed for 2018. The experience may be over but the momentum will never stop. We will always have this special time spent together in the back of our minds to help us progress and proceed through our future. Thank you @geegtorres for leading us and your family for making your house also our home. Here's to the show next week and much more after! #EstablishYourEmpire #BuildYourBrand #BuildingEmpires #punchfearintheface

#FBF to Wednesday class with @leedaniel3. 14 years I've been rocking with this one and I couldn't be more grateful. #DanceLife @mlthestudio

#TBT to Monday when I was in Denver for a bachelor party weekend. I look alright but I can do better. #tourbodybutwheresthetour

Thank you @meganguwre and @jillymeyers for bringing back #Combos&;Cocktails and having an amazingly fun dance class/experience tonight. #HappyHalloween

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