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  I do not follow people that post uncredited pics of models as that is insulting to the model

#thanosiscoming today is the day the world ends as we know it Thanos is coming! Who's going to go see the new Avengers Movie Infinity War? It's not really just an Avengers Movie it pretty much a MCU movie. So who is going assuming Thanos doesn't blow up the planet...LOL #geek #mcu #avengersinfinitywar

Today is #humpday🐫 it's also known as Woman Crush Wednesday my #wcw is the breathtakingly beautiful @lmonies Lindi Nunziato. They say "get you a woman that can do both" I say why not get one that can do it all 😀 She is an athletic Bikini competitor and a personal trainer from what I have been able to focus on reading, as most every page that has something written about her has a pic of her as well and they are all very distracting. What we can't see in these two marvelous examples of her gorgeousnous is her bright green/blue eyes that draw you in like a whirlpool. I wish I knew more about her, maybe one day I'll hit the proverbial jackpot and get to meet her. If I'm really lucky I will remember how to speak when I do so I can ask her appropriate questions. #womenwithcurves #brunettesdoitbetter #shesquatsclub #womenthatlift #womenaretreasures

Today is #humpday🐫 and my #wcw @romirain has very sexxxy humps. Her DVDs make up the bulk of my porn collection, taking up an entire shelf. She more than just a pretty face and a H🔥T curvy body, Romi really gets into her work and it shows. #girlswithtattoos #womenwithcurves #pornstarsdoitbetter #hugetitties #brunettesdoitbetter #shesquatsclub

Loved getting to meet both @paigehathaway and @laurendrainfit yesterday at icryo pearland. It's always so much fun seeing Paige and it was really cool going over my 'cardiac event with Lauren as she is a nurse as well as a fitness enthusiast as well as model. #girlswhoworkout #girlsthatlift #fitchicksrock

Stupid people, there is a somewhat popular saying that makes no sense to me "You can't fix stupid". Stupidity most certainly can be fixed just stop putting warning labels on shit. If someone is stupid enough to use a hair dryer in a bathtub full of water, eat peanut butter when they know they are allergic to peanuts, or put an unopened can in a microwave natural selection should be allowed to take its course. There are too many stupid people just take a look at the entire state of California, instead of fixing their problems by addressing them they help those that create the problems. I'd bet money that the idiot that parked this car was from California. It is clearly not inside any of the spots that it is on top of they arrived at the destination so they have to be able to see. The answer to the problem is simple the driver is one of those stupid people that survived to at least the age of 16 because of too many damn warning labels. If you know whomever does drive this car pray for them they are stupid #stupidpeople #peoplethatcantpark #commonsenseissorareitisasuperpower #peoplewithnocommonsense

Happy TEXAS Independence Day! Today is the day we celebrate the day 182 years ago a bunch of TEXANS that would not give up their guns and surrender to a tyrant made TEXAS a separate Country from Mexico. #texasindependenceday #texas

Today is #wcw and #ʜᴜᴍᴘᴅᴀʏ and I feel compelled to share my #wce @cindytraining with everyone @cindylandoltofficial is the owner of the Centurion gym in Zurich Switzerland, a personal trainer, and an absolutely stunning fitness model. She is also the lock screen on my phone and the wallpaper on it as well as the screensaver and the wallpaper on every single one of my personal Computers. There is something incredibly motivating about her being the first 'thing' I see when I wake up in the morning even though it's on a screen. She lives in Zurich Switzerland so the odds of actually getting to meet her are stacked against me by 5,321 miles or 8,540 kilometers and a flight time of a mere 11hours and 56 minutes. I'm not gonna let that stop me from trying to meet her it's just going to take a lot of planning. She has a website where she gives away better training tips and advise than others charge for, it also has lots and lots of great pics of her showing off her amazing physique. She has a YouTube channel, Facebook snapchat, Vero and I'm sure any other social media that's out there. She does IG live quite often from the gym where we can see her using the proper techniques for the exercises that keep her in such great shape. #fitgirlsrock #womenwithcurves #womenthatlift #womenthatliftheavy #workoutmotivation #wonderwoman #beautifulwomen #womenthatrock #trainheavytrainhard

Today is #humpday and the amazing @dollyliciousfox comes to mind as my #wcw she's sweet as can be has awesome humps and a great website where folks can see her in all her glory this is one of many pics I got of her at #aee #hugetitties #hugeboobies #womenwithcurves #blondsaremorefun #pornstarsdoitbetter #ipayformyporn #payforyourporn #pfyp

Today is #tittytuesday and @brooketyler2 has a glorious pair of HUGE TiTs that are soo much fun to see her use in porn. Her BooBs are so incredible they don't fully show up in the selfies I took with her😀 I took this pic and several others of her #aee #pornstarsdoitbetter #blondesaremorefun #womenwithcurves #womenwithtattoos #hugeboobs #pornstarsdoitbetter #ipayformyporn #payforyourporn #fitchicksrule

Today is #tittytuesday and @missravenhart2 not only has a pair of great big wonderful TiTs she's Fit as F*. She also makes great porn, is sweet as pecan pie and is a joy to be around. #womenwithcurves #fitchicksrule #ipayformyporn #payforyourporn #pfyp #pornstarsdoitbetter

Today is #tittytuesday and I can't forget when the lovely @officialaubreykate invited me to grab her boob at #aee . She is soo H🔥T #blondsaremorefun #pornstarsdoitbetter #ipayformyporn #payforyourporn #pfyp

Today is #tittytuesdayy while I do not have tits I do have a pic of the amazing @oliviaaustinxo that I took at #aee and she has glorious huge tits that could not even fit in this pic. She makes great porn and loves to sign her work when you bring her a DVD or a few to sign. She's very nice and even suggested I grab one of her beautiful boobs when I asked where I could put my hands for this pic. #beautifulwomen #womenwithcurves #pornstarsdoitbetter #blondsaremorefun #hugeboobies #ipayformyporn #payforyourporn #pfyp

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