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Madeline North  17 and my future is questionable. Nerdy and proud anime lover. Snapchat: sgtlozpl1 Please follow @jijithegrumpy

Feel like Friday the 13th isnt the best day to play horrorish type games on.

Here's something that I wrote.
"Shapes hold no boundaries,
Colorful blobs represent life,
No details can be seen,
You almost forget what its like,
So you look through some glass,
Wait for everything to pass,
And in some moments,
You come to forget the torments,
Of the four eyed people,
Who never let sight beat them."
Its not quite right yet but I feel that it is very representative of me at the moment.

This is an old photo. I still have this onezie. I found there's a totoro 2 (well sort of) today. Im so happy.

My phone case is breaking. Its so sad. Probly gonna have to replace it soon.

Its winter time. If I have to suffer so does my owner. NO BLANKET! #jijithegrumpy #Jijithegrumpy #jiji #Jiji #Grumpy #grumpy #cats #Cats #Cat #cat #Winter #winter #NoBlanket #noblanket #NOBLANKET!

Lol Onion. 😜

From two days ago. Dressed for the engagement party.

Sorry but Im reserved for lunch. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ haha

God I'm tired.

To early to be traveling. 4:41am and I've been up since yesterday. πŸ˜‘ Not happy.

Tired but music is nice. β™©πŸŽ€β™©πŸŽ§β™©

Me and Jiji. Its really bright today. #jijithegrumpy #Jijithegrumpy #Jiji #jiji #Cat #cat #Bright #bright

I was asleep to be fair...

Just lazing around... I swear I haven't cried this much since around the end of season 1.

Eureka Sky-deck Exspirence

My new profile picture #nofilter

Just finished drawing this

Melbourne cup day and fashions on the fields time didn't win though

Nausica valley of the wind 😍😍 haven't seen this movie in ages

Concert time!!! Cellos to start position!! πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰

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