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Kenneth Weichert  Ken Weichert (a.k.a. “SGT Ken”) is an international speaker, six-time Army Soldier of the Year, Master Fitness Trainer, Master Resilience Trainer.


You know what I love about the New Year? Much like an act of forgiveness. Most of us use this time of each year to say, “I am going to start fresh. I am going to put everything else behind me and focus forward.” Following are my top 3 tips to be triumphant in 2018:

Notes: Forgiveness does not change the past. Forgiveness changes the future. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you agree with what happened to you. Forgiveness allows your heart to focus on hope instead of hate. You simply cannot move forward if you are holding onto the past.

Notes: Many of us start the year by making a list of goals. The problem is that we cannot cultivate a growth-focused life if our goals are not in line with who we want to become. What is your purpose? What drives you inside? Tapping into your ‘why’ will help you turn your list of goals into steps toward significance and success. The first strategy in being growth-focused over goal-focused is to ask yourself the following three questions when developing and documenting a goal of any kind:
1. Will this goal cause me to become the right person?
2. What is going to be the result of me pursuing this goal over the next several years?
3. Who am I going to become as a result of this goal?

3. BE INTENTIONAL, not just have good intentions
Notes: Living intentionally will help you sustain a growth-focused life! John C. Maxwell has written over 60 best-selling books on leadership and self-development. His latest book titled Intentional Living (https://www.amazon.com/Intentional-Living-Choosing-Life-Matters/dp/1455548170/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493212968&sr=8-1&keywords=intentional+living) reveals the simple strategy of how to reach significance and success by applying action behind your aim. Can you turn your words of good intentions to words of intentional living to achieve a life that matters?

WORDS OF GOOD INTENTIONS: “Someday I will try to…”
A LIFE THAT MATTERS: “Every day I do…”
(Based on the book Intentional Living by John C. Maxwell, pages 47-48)

Thank you all, for what you do! #makeadifference #startfitness #sgtken #stephanieweichert

It was a blessing to present a full days of interactive lectures for OTF UTAH! Thank you David and Jeanette, for allowing me to inform, impact and empower your select team with Lead to Succeed, Superior Selling and the Road to Resilience workshops. I look forward to my return to your tremendous team! Thank you team OTF UTAH, for going on a joyful journey with me to discover how our adversities are our advantages and what you go through, you GROW through. Hooah!

Obstacles become opportunities when your faith is bigger than your fear.

"It's not what I have, but who I have in my life that counts."
What relationship will you invest in today?
SGT Ken®

It was an absolute honor to provide a keynote address to nearly two thousand Orangetheory Fitness Leaders from all over the world at their annual convention in San Diego today! I did something that I have never done before - I did a video selfie of a cadence call during the speech in order to encourage connection. It was awesome, and probably one of the largest cadence calls in the world!
Thank you, Nikki Galvan, Kate Mosley, Amber Ridnour Williams, Matthew Taub, Irene Lewis-McCormick, and so many others for participating in 'Lead to Succeed: The Top 10 Tips to Maximize Your Mentorship and Resilience Skills' today! Thank you Orangetheory Fitness, for allowing me to impact and empower your leaders with my stories and strategies! Thank you Aletha McManama and the team of SPEAK Franchise Speakers, for making this happen!

Obstacles become opportunities when your faith is greater than your fear! Turn your intentions into actions, and let's change the world!

SGT Ken®

The obstacle course training (https://youtu.be/wcLU63v14Nc) at SCW Fitness Midwest was a huge success! Hooah! What will you do for your fitness plans this weekend?

Over 50 fitness leaders from all over the Midwest United States endured 27 stations as part of Operation Craving Competition at SCW Midwest 2017. Job well done! What will you do for your fitness plans this weekend? Hooah!

Mastermind Mentorship Initiative Summary: ➢ The purpose of our mastermind mentorship initiative is to bring together likeminded people who are dedicated and motivated to making effective and lasting changes to their lives in a collective group.
➢ The mastermind meets an hour a week, once a week, for 4 weeks as we explore Intentional Living: Choosing a Life that Matters by John C Maxwell.
➢ The meetings are private and run professionally with a curriculum and complete respect for each participant’s privacy as well as complete respect for each participant’s time is exercised.
➢ There is a level of commitment on the leadership team’s part to deliver the best material to you in the allotted time with the utmost standards of professionalism as well as a level of commitment on your part to come to each meeting on time, prepared and with a positive attitude.
➢ As we move through each lesson, as a group we will bring together our ideas and opinions that will help shape and mold our understanding of the material in a way that is far superior to simply reading a book on your own. We will be combining all of our minds to becoming a mastermind.
➢ Your expectation of the 4-week study will be to increase your awareness and understanding on how to evolve into an effective leader – raising the leadership lid to a new level.
It is my intention to start the Mastermind Mentorship Initiative on the following dates:
1. 02 October 2017
2. 09 October 2017
3. 16 October 2017
4. 23 October 2017
With the following mastermind mentorship video conference call choices (two calls per day with the same discussions):
1. Zoom call #1 at 1200 hours CST
2. Zoom call #2 at 1900 hours CST
The cost is $59USD, plus the personal expense to purchase the book for our reference and study efforts (https://www.amazon.com/Intentional-Living-Choosing-Life-Matters/dp/1455548146/ref=sr_1_1_twi_pap_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1505742336&sr=8-1&keywords=intentional+living+john+maxwell). There are 20 virtual seats available. Email sgtken@sgtken.com.

"Scars show us where we have been; they do not dictate where we are going."
- David Rossi
How will you pursue your goals today?

Over 30 fitness leaders from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia endured eight extraordinary hours of training and testing at the Boot Camp Instructor Certification Course (Level 1) in Beirut, powered by the Inspire Fitness Academy! I am proud of them all! Hooah! What will you do for your fitness plans today?

SGT Ken® says, "Conviction and comfort do not live in the same environment. You have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to pursue your passion. How will you challenge yourself today?"

I am extremely excited that my dear friend and Boot Camp Master Instructor (Level 3) Amanda Mercer is leading her first canfitpro World Fitness Expo presentation of her own called 'In it for the Long Run.' She is thriving! Hooah! What will you do for your fitness training today?

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