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Sand season has officially begun!!!

We went 3-0 in doubles and 3-0 in four’s. Now that’s how I like to start the season!!!

My little girl, she is small but mighty! I was so happy when she said she wanted to go train with us this morning. I will never push it on her, it was so much fun having her there.

In this life I want to teach her to be strong mentally and physically. Teach her that strong is beautiful and she can achieve anything she puts her mind to.

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Here is some of the upper body training from the other day. I just can’t get enough of those battle ropes!

The barbell curls were tough, we did so many reps! But @tlhampton2072 and I push each other through every rep 💪🏻

Today I will be spending my time at home with a sick kiddo. My poor girl seems to have not missed the flu this season 😷

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A tough upper body workout certainly leaves you looking pumped and those muscles nice and full 💪🏻

A very different look from my night out last night. It’s amazing how our bodies can look differently flexing/not flexing. Some may think I look bulky and big in this photo. I see strength, hard work, beauty, consistency and most of all happiness within myself. •
Check out some little clips of the workout that left me feeling jacked and amazing tomorrow!

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Casey’s pizza was my lunch today and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite! Nutrition is so important and for a long time I was someone who just ate what I wanted and didn’t feed my body properly.

When I first began figure competing I went the completely opposite route and cut out all of the “bad” foods. I hated my first prep and rebounded big time. I ate everything I didn’t allow myself to eat during prep and gained back the weight I lost plus some.

My second prep was much better and I had a plan for my reverse diet. The experience was so much better but I still realized I needed to step back and reevaluate before I chose to compete again.

So there are many, many ways to prep and everyone has their own opinion on how to prep. I’ve learned for myself that IIFYM (if it fits your macros) is best for me. I’ve taken a nutrition course and can’t wait to continue learning so I can help others. My main purpose with this post is that you can still eat foods you love that may not be the healthiest and still hit your goals.

During a cutting phase I would not be eating the delicious pizza I had today but that is my choice when I cut. For your everyday health and well being eat what fits into your plan. If you want pizza one day or some cake or whatever it is you truly enjoy eating there are ways to make it work. Enjoy life, enjoy the foods you love but most of all enjoy your own personal journey 💗

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My favorite workout was tonight, kickboxing and TRX! I took the 5:30 class with so many awesome members and then my doubles partner showed up for 6:30, so of course I had to stay for that class too.

I haven’t done a double like this in a while. I actually felt really good and like I had a better workout the second time, thanks for pushing me Chris!

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Consistency is key for any goal. Building some size has been my goal since I began training again after my thyroid removal. I began in January and have noticed positive results all along the way.

Recently I have received compliments as my shoulders and arms have grown. Today someone complimented my bicep growth at work and how fitting with the t-shirt I am wearing 💪🏻 Talk about a selfie must 😉

I’ve always had some good size but felt like I lost quite a bit when I took so much time off.

For the past three months I have followed my training with classes at @kosamacr and personal training with my hubby @gryph5 while adjusting my own meal plans along the way. Always remember it takes TIME to see progress and you must be consistent.

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So blessed, I love my family 💗

Plyo/leg day today 💪🏻 I have my handsome running buddy Hurley AND our handsome boy Cinna. Cinna gets to go to our gym with my hubby, Hurley is a Teamster and Cinna is our gym pup 😊

There were plenty of TRX squat jumps, hello beautiful @tlhampton2072 in the background, walking lunges, pivot squats, step ups, curtsy lunges, pistol squats and I even got to do tire flips!

It was a great start to my Saturday. Now for some fun, celebrating my little brother and his fiancé at their engagement party!

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This guy, my best friend and soon to be running buddy once Iowa realizes that it is actually spring and not winter! ❄️🌷

Workout buddies are a big thing for me some are insanely awesome two legged humans and then I’ve got my four legged furry soulmate.

Anyone else have four legged running buddies? Next week we begin our plan with running added in. I imagine for the first couple of minutes Hurley will be joyfully pulling me along until the excitement wears off and he realizes it’s not a sprint but a longer run.

I’ll be needing some good vibes from all of my running friends! Starting slow is hard for me but I gotta start somewhere, right?

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Anyone else? #truth 😂🙋🏻‍♀️

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