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PK20 Cafe  Singapore Pokemon theme Cosplay Cafe Date:2 September 2017 Time:11am-4pm Venue:Knots Cafe and Living

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The spot patterns of any Spinda is not random.Spinda has 4,294,967,295 possible spot patterns

Oh man! That doesn't even include the shiny. So the number is actually 8,589,934,590. Who has caught all the pattern

Did you know?
In Japan,Ash Ketchum is known as Satoshi,named after Satoshi Tajiri,the creator of Pokemon himself.
Satoshi can mean "wisdom" or "reason",designed by Ken Sugimori and Atsuko Nishida,intended to represent Tajiri's obsession with catching bugs as a child.

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"Ahh! Another RSVP! And this time it's someone very near and dear to my heart- she is none other than Misty, one of my first best friends that accompanied me in my first Pokemon journey! Misty and I have shared so many great memories from our earlier travels- we would love to share our many more stories with you! She has also travelled along Kanto then to Orange Islands and Johto with me which makes it a lot of regions! Despite her busy schedule (specially taking time off from her gym leader duties), she is going to attend my party! She is so excited to meet all of you soon! Just… don’t show her any bugs alright? Cause she ain’t too fond of them.” "Heya! It's me Misty- the pretty gym leader from Cerulean Gym! I hope to see you soon! But beware not to do anything funny or I'll kick your butt out! See you there!" Missed Misty? Fret not for the water Pokemon-loving mermaid of Cerulean Gym is back specially for her best friend's reunion party. Even Togepi is with her! But you wouldn’t want to mess with her for as mentioned, she will really kick your butt.

CN: @naoto_ui
Photo: @melvin858
Edits: @rinsasasa , @valc_xc and @naoto_ui

Did you know?
The Pokemon franchise was founded by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995.Pocket Monstes Red and Green were first released in Japan in 1996 and later changed to Pokemon Red and Blue for international release,after they become extremely popular
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”There comes a day~ When I'll be the one, you'll see~ It's gonna-gonna-gonna-gonna-gonna~ IT'S GONNA BE MAY!
I have another RSVP confirmed today! IT'S MAY! She accompanied me during my journeys in Hoenn and when I challenged the Battle Frontier. It has been ages since I last saw her and I have been wondering how she has been doing as a Pokemon Coordinator. It's a pity her brother Max won't be able to come down. But at least she'll be here!" "Hey guys! It's May here!! So excited to be invited for the party!
I will do my very best and hope to see everyone there!!
See you at the party!!! 🎉🎉” The Princess of Hoenn has dropped by specially for Ash’s party again with her Torchic! She can’t wait to see her friends again and everyone of you- not forgetting the delicious foods served here! Feel free to hit her up with topics on food, just make sure she does not gobble down your meals before she serves them to you!
CN: @valc_xc
Photo: @melvin858

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” Wow! We've gotten yet another RSVP today! And it’s N coming to the party! We both met and travelled briefly when I was in Unova. He understands Pokemon very well and befriends them rather than capturing them. I have learnt so much from him and I can't wait to see him again! If you would like to learn about more about Pokemon don’t be afraid to approach him during the party! I’m sure he would be more than willing to help out in any way that he can.” "Hello, everyone. My name is N. I'm glad to hear that Ash has been well lately, and I'm especially honored that he invited me to this party. I'll do my best at the cafe and I'm looking forward to meet all of you! Oh- but please, do take care of your Pokemon. I would love to spend time with each and everyone of them..." Having the ability to communicate with Pokemon, N sees Pokemons as friends rather than using them in battles. He hopes to be friends with your Pokemon and all you trainers as well. If you want to know what your Pokemon is thinking, leave it to him! 🙌

CN: Angeline Lee
Photo: @melvin858
Edits: @rinsasasa and @valc_xc

"What's up it's Ash again! I just received another RSVP today! We both met a while back when I was younger and once again are reunited during my journey in Kalos. A great companion during my journey and a real cool gal. She is none other than Serena! She specially came down from all the way from Hoenn to attend my party for a day which is really cool! Hmm wonder what's up with everyone giving us both strange looks. Something about a kiss? Oh wells! " "Ja-Jan!!! Hello! It's been a hard time trying to get some time to come down to Hoenn for a-a-ash’s reunion. I’ve especially asked to have a time off to come all the way here from my performance trainings! So i do hope yo see everyone! Don’t forget to get your M A C A R O N S & P U F F S from me! I’ll do my best and work twice as hard to perform well for everyone!” The aspiring-to-be Kalos Queen Serena specially took time off to visit Ash and everyone of you! She and Fennekin can’t wait to show everyone their performance skills they have trained and they have prepared macarons and puffs with affection! Do give her alot of love ❤

CN: @__melonpans
Photo: @melvin858
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"Hey guys! Ash here! It's two months to my reunion party and it'll be cafe-themed with my friends coming in to serve you all some delicious food, together with some fun activities, games and just tons of fun!
Oh! Looks like we got our first ever RSVP! And she is none other than my classmate in Pokemon School, Lillie. She can be a little shy and scared at times (especially when it comes to Pokemon) but she is a real sweetheart! So be nice to her alright?" "Um h-hello, it's been a wonderful time and I can't wait be see you all! I hope I can be of help at the café... I'll do my best!" With her trusty Vulpix Snowy, Lillie is excited to meet everyone of you and your Pokemon. Just don't let her touch them okay?
CN: @ix.ora
Photo: @melvin858
Edits: @rinsasasa and @valc_xcx

It has been a while since we updated
We are done with our promotion image shoot last Saturday XD
We will be updating contents here very soon.Do join us for a day of Pokemon fun with activities,games,interaction with your favourite characters and delicious food
Do you spot any of your favourite characters here?
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Hey guys! How's it going! Ash here! Have you heard I'm having a party? It's been a log time since I had a party with my friends! And you're all invited to the party! Would be real cool if I could meet you guys! So do drop by if you can! My friends and I would love to meet everyone and maybe we could share our memories and love for Pokémon together too!
The party's gonna be held at Knots Cafe and Living @knots_cafe_and_living on the 2nd of September from 11am-4pm! More deets will be revealed soon, so for now do mark your calendars!
It's gonna be a day of awesome fun and games and of course laughter with new and old friends!
Pikachu and I hope to see you all there! -Ash Ketchum


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