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Shannon Galpin  Nat Geo Adventurer | writer | producer | artist | disrupter Current project w/ the chica @endangered_activism


That sky though.....

@lorenzoquinnartist modeled Support from his child's hands. He has three and he states unequivocally how worried he is about the world we are going to pass on to them. Support is meant to reflect "on the two sides of human nature, the creative and the destructive, as well as the capacity for humans to make an impact on history and the environment." #artasactivism @labiennale #venice #useyourvoice #travelswiththechica

Been waiting for the rain to stop so we could get out on a boat to see Lorenzo Quinn's sculpture 'Support'. One of the reasons I wanted to bring the chica here was the @labiennale and this piece in particular. @endangered_activism is about wildlife and conservation, but of course everyone she talks to mentions climate change. So artists who create pieces like this to address climate change in public spaces are key for the chica to see and think about how to discuss this and other conservation topics in unique and creative ways. #travelswiththechica #artasactivism #venice @lorenzoquinnartist

Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition of his codex and drawings with wooden recreations of his inventions in a Venetian church? Sounds like a great way to tackle a homeschool project on engineering. Or art. Or mechanics. Or all three ... damn Leo you kept busy. #rennaissanceman #venice #travelswiththechica

The chica's heaven is someone else's idea of hell. Sparking a lengthy conversation about fear and relationships and the path of destruction wrought from my brain injury... damn birds. #travelswiththechica #birds #venice

Rush hour on the canal. The chica was not impressed to learn gondoliering is another male-only club. 800 years and counting. #femalesneednotapply #venice

Dragging the chica around the cobblestones and over bridges so we can drop these bags and go eat some pizza! Picked her up in Verona, jumped back on the train, and she's all mine for almost 6 weeks. We have a lot of catching up to do! #travelswiththechica @ospreypacks

Airports are modern and soulless. Sure they get you where you need to go, but no one feels charmed by an airport or enjoys an airplane journey. Train stations on the other hand are timeless, architecturally and emotionally. Train journeys are still romantic. I'm thrilled to be catching a train today to meet the chica, and we've got a few more trains in our journey ahead. #wingedhorses #trains

I know the Catholic Church is in it for the money but I didn't realize it was so blatant that places like the Duomo were literally allowing themselves to be billboards now...feels like Times Square around here. #sellouts

Well if there's a better cure for jet lag I'm not sure what it is. My version of 'get back in the saddle'. #bikeshare #milan

This unplanned visit home has turned me inside out and for the first time in my life I'm not altogether sure I'm ready for the adventure ahead. But the chica is waiting for me and we have a 12 month journey ahead and a incredible project to accomplish. Deep breath, @endangered_activism and a lot of miles await. Deep gratitude to so many of of you that have been standing beside me to helping me reconstruct my memory and mend my mistakes. I think I wore out my tear ducts on this beautiful patch of dirt. #brainrecoveryproject #dirttherapy

This year's @thecrushwalls streetart takeover in Denver's RiNo includes 100 walls... and more than a few new rhinos ironically. #crushwalls #streetart

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