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It's a little breezy but my shower this morning has the best view if you don't mind the 'exposure'. Just me a few sunbathing lizards! #nowallshere #getoutside #cabinlife #ishouldbehomepacking

These two... eeking out as much family time as possible with the sis and bro-in-law before kicking off 14 months overseas. Pretty sure they're okay not seeing me for a year but they're both pretty upset I'm taking the chica away in 5 weeks and bringing back a teenager next August! #familytime #countdown #breckenridge

Moving/minimalism purge day 1: A year and a half ago I flew to Lesbos to help an Afghan friend who was on the refugee trail and in trouble. I stayed on and helped as a taxi driver and translator where I could before coming home. I brought back three bags of abandoned life jackets and preservers from the beaches with plans to use them for an art installation about the refugee crisis. Two brain injuries and the passing of my mother has stalled the creation numerous times over the past year and a half. So I'm offering up these materials as supplies to an artist, gallery, or school to utilize to further the conversation around refugees instead. #artasactivism #refugeeswelcome #refugeestories #lesbos #giveashitandmakeart

Okay friends. This is where it gets tough. Both my parents were collectors of things. They loved having art, photographs, and little mementos around them. All the surfaces were covered, and extra shelves were put up to highlight special items. Cozy but cluttered. I gravitated to that myself as I had my own homes, but my more recent moves into small apartments have found me naturally shedding and with the recent passing of my mother I found a natural inclination not to have her things around me but a desire to create more memories. I picked up this book in the airport last week and it has reinforced where I have been leaning, and every conversation I had since has been a discussion over our attachment to the things that we feel define us. Now with another move ahead of me, one that is putting all my belongings into a storage unit for 14 months, and a recognition that I will probably do this again. And again. I lived overseas for a decade during my 20s. When the chica graduates I will probably live overseas again. The burden of 'things' is weighing heavily and while I'm not a minimalist I am moving that direction... and that it feels lighter. So, 4 weeks till moving day... let's see how much I can purge. Thinning out the books first... gulp. Advice, suggestions, from those who've been here? #freedom #minimalism #newbeginnings #goodbyethings #thingsthatmatter

Headed home and letting the chica take over the camera while we're brainstorming our upcoming year long Earth loving project with @endangered_activism in the final hours by the ocean. We are leaving the country for 13 months of work/study abroad in 6 weeks and I'm starting to realize this is really happening. For the next 6 weeks it's going to be a whirlwind of planning a one bag nomadic year long adventure, packing up my apartment into storage vs embracing Japanese minimalism and getting rid of most of our 'things', and planning logistics for multiple research projects in multiple countries while keeping to an agreed to plan with the co-parent. Finding partners and funding for ongoing projects, continuing brain recovery, and re-learning to ride a motorcycle next weekend. Oh and immunizations, insurance, etc etc. 6 weeks? Let's get started. First, home for a few days. 📷 @endangered_activism #travelswiththechica #ospreypacks @ospreypacks

The magic of sunsets isn't the shape shifting of the sun as it drops beneath the horizons or the way it paints colors across the sky. The real magic is how it brings strangers together every night to watch. #sunsets #bigmagic #getoutside

When old friends offer to teach the chica to drive...and it's your dream car. Rollins' through Venice in style with @bkmisen. #travelswiththechica #venicebeach #bronco

This craziness is a glazed donut filled with cookie dough ice cream. It's called a beach bun. Yes. Ice cream filled donuts? Sweet Jesus. Yes. 🍩🍦 #nomnom #travelswiththechica #foodie

Rollerblading on the strand while taking a double selfie? Brain recovery is coming along nicely I'd say. #multitaskingwhilerolling #travelswiththechica #brainrecoveryproject #springbreak @patagonia

This photo.... it's traveled around the world. It's been part of an exhibit at the Human Rights Museum in Canada, as part of Noa Noa's 'Show Your Strength' campaign in Denmark, the cover photo of the Afghan Women's National Team's National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, inside the United Nations Journal, attached to countless magazine articles in countries around the world, and a UK cover...and right there at the front are Zahra and Massouma. This now iconic shot is from a training ride at our first training camp in Bamiyan... it's where they blossomed as riders and proved their strength and desire to learn and compete. As the previous photo explains, the sisters have been granted asylum in France. You can support the relocation of Massouma and Zahra and their family in France in the link in my bio - it was set up by Patrick Communal who sponsored their asylum bid. All proceeds go directly to the family. 📷 @denibechard Thank you for the iconic photo that has been seen around the world! #pedalarevolution #afghanistan #strengthinnumbers @livcycling @skratchlabs @natgeoadventure @unwomen @mtn2mtn @noanoaofficial @combatapathy #combatapathy

Today is bittersweet. The final two original members of the Afghan National Women's Cycling Team have finally closed this tumultuous chapter with Coach Seddiqe and the corruption of the Afghan Cycling Federation under his 'leadership''. Sisters, Massouma and Zahra, have received asylum in France thanks to the tireless work of Patrick Communal who met the girls last year in France. They and their family relocate there in a few weeks. I'm incredibly grateful for his efforts and for keeping me informed along the way, after they were denied the first time it looked bleak, but he continued to fight. Now Coach has no one left to control and the Afghan Cycling Federation can continue to rebuild with strong, transparent leadership and an openness to include girls from all provinces wanting to ride, which has been a successful first year! But these girls, and this team, led the way... 3+ years of training, media, and races showed Afghan girls and boys, and the world, that girls will not be denied their right to ride. More girls are riding in Afghanistan today than ever before... THAT is a revolution. And so the story continues.... This photo is of a training ride in 2014 with the original team minus one, Sadaf. 📷 @denibechard #pedalarevolution #strengthinnumbers #kabul #combatapathy #afghanistan #cycling @mtn2mtn @livcycling @skratchlabs @natgeoadventure @unitednationshumanrights @uci_cycling @shirzanan1

The joys of repeat traveling to favorite neighborhoods not just always exploring new ones, is seeing your favorite locals out on your afternoon run. Saw these guys out running last December! #frenchielineup #afternoonrun #tribe #dogsofinstagram #california

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