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Pretzel time is philosophy time. Because when you are part of the @allenskratch tribe it means detailed toilet talk instead of regular hellos and deeper conversations over life choices while he gets tortured Thai massage style on his floor. ❀️ #noboundaries #philosophisethroughthepain #skratchlabsguru

Channeling my inner warrior isn't about aggression, it's about cultivating the strength to develop calm in the storm and deeper compassion instead of rage. The yoga mat has been key to keeping me grounded since I started working in Afghanistan a decade ago as a way to balance my rage of injustice so that I didn't risk turning into a anger filled monster and could focus on solutions and keep my hopeful, compassionate view of the world. Without the mat, I would have lost myself a thousand times over in the last decade. My daughter would have lost her mother. Without the mat the last year and half of brain recovery would have crushed me, instead I am perhaps more mentally strong and more self aware than I have ever been (although my short term memory is still seriously fucked up) Without the mat and the various kulas I am lucky to be part of in Colorado and around the world, I would not be surviving the past four weeks of 45 with relative calm and determination. So here are to the warriors within us, may we all continue to cultivate peace, compassion, and inner strength do that we may come together to slay the beasts! #fuckthepatriarchy #Solidarity #yoga #offthemat #kula @ctznwell @offthemat @brittanybelisleyoga @samadhidenver @kindnessyoga @yogapodboulder @yogavidanyc @sehsa @yoginiontheloose

@alishah_farhang_ and @sajjad_husaini my heart is overflowing with pride to see you two representing Afghanistan for the first time in World Ski Championships!!! @jprobertson super jealous you're there to document and hi five them after their historic runs, but so glad they have you there!!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸ½πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ πŸ“· @jprobertson #afghanproud #Solidarity #afghanistan @afghanskichallenge #skiing @fisalpine

Not sure the chica really got into the exhibition about the birth of graffiti in 1967, but Cornbread once tagged a live elephant so that got her attention. @mca_denver #graffiti #graffitiart #denver

Thanks to this guy behind me with the sign, this T-shirt made it on that Jumbotron for the packed stadium at Warriors v Nuggets game last night in #Denver. My work here is done. #resist ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿@vaginasagainsttrump @realdonaldtrump @plannedparenthood #womensrights

Denver dumpsters on Monday morning be like..... #streetart #denver

All right you little bastard. After four neurosurgeons and a year and a half of this bullshit you are officially (and hopefully forever and ever) the final one that gets to bruise my belly. So you'd better enjoy it! πŸŽ‰ #brainrecoveryproject #dartboardstomachgameisover #bathroomdanceparty #onestepcloser #neurosurgery #braininjury

Public art encourages people to slow down and engage...with the art, with each other, with their community. It brings storytelling into the street where the stories belong, where stories come from. Now more than ever as we are marching and protesting in the streets it's time to fuse public art and storytelling with protest and resistance. I've committed to a new project to join the resistance and fight back and that feels empowering. And exhausting. But mostly exciting. #BreakingBarriers #LargerThanLife πŸ“·@dizinno #streetsofafghanistan #staycalmmakeart #resist #afghanistan #streetart #streetsofafghanistan

Once upon a time, ten photographers from around the world collaborated with me to tell a story of a misunderstood country, their images were used to create larger than life sized images. Then I took them to Afghanistan and set them up as community pop-up street art installations. I swore I'd never do something so crazy again again. #neversaynever πŸ“· @dizinno #resist #staycalmmakeart #streetart #afghanistan #breakingbarriers #streetsofafghanistan #art #makeart

I've been thinking a lot about protest and resistance. The place of art to provoke conversation and pull together community and it's revolutionary spirit. I've gone back to my Streets of Afghanistan installation and my passion of art in public spaces, and fused it with my activism and my outrage over the current political climate with the goal of creating something positive. Something big in the spirit and scale of a Streets 2.0 minus the tanks .... coming April 6th NYC. Thanks for reminder @semi_rad #staycalmmakeart πŸ“·@dizinno #resist #streetart #afghanistan #streetsofafghanistan #breakingbarriers

Pretty sure this says it all. #resist #makeart #kabul #afghanistan