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sarah holway 


And we’re open!! That was fun. And our insta is @cornerstorewaterford


Best part of the day for everyone involved

strawflowers + barncat

T minus 33 days until we open The Corner Store Studio. 🥂😳
Evolving themes: flowers, garden, vintage, design,
classes, community, and probably wine.🤷🏻‍♀️Trying to work in coffee and goats but...health inspectors 🙄 READY to bring this space back to life! And we do know one thing for sure - flowers for always and ever and only by our partner in crime @greenstonefields 👩‍🌾🌻#localeverything

Brother 😍

Please enjoy this short film entitled “Rooster Shows ‘Em How it’s Done” For licensing or use please contact: licensing@buzzvideos.com


Dirk was the only one that picked up the technique so he got the whole bowl 😳


This would be better if the dog was a goat. Really all dogs would be better if they were goats.

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