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St Francis Hospice for Cats  We are a cat charity based in the UK 🇬🇧 that care for elderly & terminally ill cats 🐱. For more information about what we do visit our website.

Some of you may remember Henry. He was a young FIV+ cat that SFHFC rescued a couple of years ago. Thankfully we were able to find him a loving home with Laura and Mandy and they have sent me some pictures to show how well he is doing.
These pictures make me so pleased to see Henry looking so happy and healthy. If we hadn’t intervened when we did he would have been euthanised due to being FIV+. Henry is living proof that although the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is classed as a terminal illness, with the right loving home and vet care if and when required it really doesn’t have to stop a cat from living a contented and happy life. I mean, just look how adorable he is.

This is Sylvester who is one of the foster cats of SFHFC. Since we had to move from our previous residence Sylv went to live with one of our volunteers Katrina. I’m pleased to say Sylv is continuing to do really well and is enjoying a very happy and loving life, even though he has had some health worries along the way. Over the time he has had a couple of operations on his ear as he has a deep routed tumour. Earlier this year there was also an issue with the tip of one of his ears so our vet Abdul had him in and removed just the tip of his ear. Again Sylv has shown his resilience and has continued enjoying life, treats and of course lots of TLC off Katrina. So here’s wishing Sylv many more happy times 😻.

Just wanted to share this post about one of our (Gray & Claire) own Cats Poppy as it has been a worrying day. This morning Poppy had her breakfast and all seemed fine. Then an hour later she was drooling and it was obvious that she was in some discomfort/pain with her mouth. So we rang our vet Abdul at Blagreaves Vets and got an emergency appointment. While we sat in the car park we really had our doubts as to what he would be able to do for her as she is 18 in July and has had a few health worries recently. When Abdul checked in her mouth we could see that a tooth had broken off and wasn’t looking great, as well as a couple of her other teeth not looking too good. So she went straight through for a dental and ended up having four teeth removed. While waiting in the waiting room we really weren’t sure what the outcome would be. Amazingly she came through the operation & I am delighted to say she is now lying with us on our bed after enjoying chicken for her tea and is purring nicely. A massive thanks to Abdul, he’s worked wonders for us again. He really is such a fantastic vet 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Just wanted to share this photo of our very own (Gray and Claire) Gizmo as today is his 18th Birthday. He really is our precious handsome boy 😘

Some of you may remember Solomon, he is one of the foster cats of SFHFC.

Today he went in for a dental as following a check up with our vet Abdul it had been decided that it would be better to remove the few teeth he had left. Although this is never ideal it can sometimes be necessary and will help to ensure he has a healthy life. While at the vets giving Sol a bit of TLC I took a quick pic/video as it was nice to see him recovering from the anaesthetic. Thankfully the dental went well so hopefully over the next couple of days he will return to his lively self again.

We estimate Solomon is now about 13 years old. He has been with SFHFC since 2010 after being found as a stray and then was diagnosed as being FIV+. When we had to vacate our premises a couple of years one of our volunteers Carole, took Solomon on as a foster Cat. Since then he has been able to enjoy all the home comforts. He has lots of treats as well as enjoying lots and lots of fuss and cuddles.

I am reposting this after a follower of SFHFC posted it on IG (thanks @cat_biggles ). There is an FIV+ cat in Abu Dhabi that desperately needs a home otherwise he may be (in our opinion) unnecessarily euthanised. Please share if you know anybody who may be able to help. Thank you.

Hi all,

I know I haven’t been posting much recently due to numerous delays that have put back the opening of our new unit. SFHFC has struggled over the past couple of years since being forced to relocate from our base of over 20 years in Littleover.

I recall saying this last year but we really are now hopeful that 2018 will finally be the start of the charities next new exiting chapter. Work is finally progressing well and I will be bringing you more news in the new year of the opening of our new unit which will now be based in Overseal and will be ran by Kay and Chris, two of the charities new trustees.
Thank you all for your patience and for continuing to support our small charity, it really is much appreciated. Pictured here were two of our most memorable characters at the Hospice, Winston and Zak, who are still sadly missed, but we are just pleased that while with us at SFHFC we were able to offer them all that they required to live out a happy life.

So for now, all at SFHFC, humans and our furies wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.

This is handsome Tigger. SFHFC came to his rescue a few weeks ago after he was diagnosed as being FIV+. He is a lovely young cat who loves his food and enjoys a bit of fuss, but not too much. He is now up at Kays (in temporary accommodation) where our new unit is going to be. I know that a lot of you who follow us have wondered how things are going. We have had many delays, most of which have been out of the charity’s control. This has meant a very frustrating couple of years but we have continued to do what we can with our limited resources. Along with this we continue to help with the foster cats of SFHFC who I am pleased to say are all doing well. I will aim to post some updates of the foster cats soon.

2018 will however definitely be the year that SFHFC’s new unit will open and if things now go to plan it should be in the first half of the year. In the meantime we continue to rescue the FIV cats that we can.
So please continue to follow/support our little charity as next year we be fully back up and running.

Meet Tigger, he is the latest cat that SFHFC has rescued. Last week we had a call from a vets about a stray cat that had been taken in and had tested positive for FIV. His name is Tigger and he is about four years old. While in the vets he was neutered and is spending a few days in the pen in our garden. I will be posting some more news about him over the next few weeks. Don’t you think he is one handsome cat, so glad that SFHFC has been able to step in and rescue another FIV cat from being unnecessarily euthanised 😻.

Here is our adorable Michael. He has been with us at SFHFC for a couple of years. He is an adorable cat with such a loveable character and is a very happy and contented cat. Again real proof that being FIV+ does not mean the end as a lot of the cats who we rescue prove.

Earlier this year SFHFC rescued Snowdrop after he had been taken to the vets and tested positive for FIV. I am pleased to say that he is doing well in our temporary accommodation while we await the new unit to be finished. Kay tells me that he is not too keen on us humans and when I went up to see him this was as close as I got. Just after I took this picture he gave me a big hiss and went back inside his den. Sometimes it can be difficult when we don’t know the backgrounds of the cats that we rescue as we really don’t know what they may have been through. Only time will tell how he develops with us.

Earlier this year SFHFC rescued this lovely chap Muffin after he was diagnosed with FIV. He is in our temporary accommodation and I'm pleased to say he has settled in nicely and is doing well. Once our new unit does get up and running he will be one of the first cats that move in. I will try to post a bit more information regarding the new unit soon.

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