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St Francis Hospice for Cats  We are a cat charity based in the UK 🇬🇧 that care for elderly & terminally ill cats 🐱. For more information about what we do visit our website.


We are reaching out in the hope that we can help to find Fizzle a new home. Due to her owners moving they are in need of finding a loving home, below is some information that Kay has supplied along with a picture of Fizzle.
If you are able to help in any way please contact Kay directly on 07967566785, she lives in Nottingham, UK. They need to find Fizzle a home before the end of June.

Fizzle is an 18 year old female and has been bought up in a family with two children. She is mild mannered, very clever and street wise. She likes to go out at night. She is house trained and eats both wet and dry food. Unfortunately she isn't very fond of other cats. She can be very affectionate and seems to know when you are ill. At these times she will not leave your side. She needs a loving home now for her senior years. She is in good health.

Sadly due to further delays with our new unit at SFHFC and with our temporary accommodation and foster carers full we don't currently have anywhere that we can home Fizzle. So we are really hoping someone out there can.
Thank you

Some of you may remember Henry, he is a cat that SFHFC rescued last year and thankfully we were able to find a wonderful loving home for him. Henry is doing well and thriving with the love and attention which he is getting. Here he is relaxing in one of his favourite positions (a bit unusual, but he likes it). Thanks must go to Laura and Mandy for opening their home to another FIV+ cat. It is so hard to imagine in a lot of cases cats just like Henry will be euthanised due to people's misconceptions about this illness. Just look at Henry, he's not on any medication, he eats, sleeps and plays like any other cat. He is a happy and contented fella.
So please remember and pass on the message that having Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV+) does not mean the cat doesn't deserve a chance of living a normal life.

It's a year ago today since we had to say a sad goodbye to our adorable Arnie who was a foster cat of SFHFC. He had seven good years with us after being given up on after testing positive for FIV. When he first came to us he was in a bad way and required a major dental, but after great vet care from Abdul at Blagreaves Vetenery Centre and some loving TLC he happily lived out his years with us. I love the picture of him with the food, you could always rely on Arnie to appear when u'd just sat down to eat your meal......he so enjoyed our human food. Still miss ya Matie x

Here is Ace who is one of the foster cats of SFHFC. He has recently moved house with his mum Kaz and I'm pleased to report that he has settled down well. Here he is relaxing on his sofa in his new living room. Well done Acey, and to Kaz we hope you are doing ok after the ordeal of moving x

I wanted to share this picture of Claude checking out some of the goodies that have been purchased by a couple of supporters of SFHFC.
Our new unit should be up and running by the summer (date still to be confirmed) and there are a lot of things that our charity needs. Here we have lots of litter trays, cat bowls, comfy beds and blankets. Two kind supporters Val and Julie have done some fund raising as they wanted to help a cause who are committed to helping cats with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. A lot of people have many misconceptions about FIV and we hope that some of the information we post can help to clarify a few things to give better awareness that FIV does NOT mean a death sentence for a cat who tests positive.
Claude is a great example of this, SFHFC rescued him from being euthanised simply on the basis that he tested positive for FIV. Claude is an otherwise healthy three year old and he doesn't require any medication. Due to being FIV positive his immune system is low and he can be more susceptible to picking up other things.
Claude is a cheeky chappy who loves attention, he is a real fusspot and loves to curl up on your knee, in fact that is where he is right now as I type this 😻.

This afternoon Claude has enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the sun.

Just posting this picture of our own (Claire and Gray's) Gizmo and Poppy. It just made me smile as at first glance I think it looks like a two headed cat 😺😸

Claude is our foster cat of SFHFC that we rescued last year after he tested positive for FIV. He loves having a roam around our secure garden and here he is inspecting a new decking area we are having done.
I am hoping to update you all on the new unit of SFHFC over the coming weeks. All plans are still going forward although it has been slow going over the winter months. We are hoping that now the weather is improving we can really move forward ready for opening our doors once again before the summer.

Here are a couple of pictures of our daughter Penny reading to Claude who is one of the rescued FIV foster cats of SFHFC. Today Penny came home from school over the moon as the first picture won a prize in her school competition, entitled Extreme Reading.

Hi, this is Claire. I really wanted to share this with all like minded people as it is a personal treasure that I'm sure many of you would love. I have recently received my custom made necklace from fuzzy trinkets. It is an incredible piece of jewellery hand made so my gorgeous Gizmo will be with me at all times. If you search for Fuzzy Trinkets on Facebook you can browse some of the lovely items the incredibly talented Luann Burton has created. These amazing items can be created with a little lock of your furry friends fur. Just a small amount can be used from a grooming session - there is no need to cut any fur! Alternatively if sadly your beloved friend is no longer with you Luann is able to create bespoke jewellery, key rings & keepsakes using your beloved pets ashes. All items are extremely reasonable in price, and can be tailored to your requirements, so it's well worth a look. Why not treat yourself to a forever treasure from Fuzzy Trinkets? @FuzzyTrinkets1

Settled down to watch a film tonight and have my very own leg warmer........his name is Claude. He is such a loveable character, so glad we saved him from being euthanised last year.

Here is a lovely snuggly picture of Ace who is one of the foster cats of SFHFC. Ace is a real loveable character who after a few years at the hospice found his perfect forever home with Kaz. He has lived with Kaz for a couple of years now and enjoys tummy rubs (I know he gets lots of them) and loves playing with his cat toys. I've copied a link of him in a playful mood 😻. https://www.facebook.com/kaz.woodward.7/posts/10158180874945453

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