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St Francis Hospice for Cats  We are a cat charity based in the UK 🇬🇧 that care for elderly & terminally ill cats 🐱. For more information about what we do visit our website.


The other day I visited one of our foster cats Ace. I'm pleased to say that following Kaz moving house he has settled in to his new surroundings really well.
At the moment Ace is able to have some supervised time in the garden wearing a harness. He is really enjoying this and it is great to see him happy and relaxed outside.

Due to Ace being FIV+ he can't just roam freely as if he got into a fight with other neighbouring cats he could pass on the virus. Also due to him having a lower immune system he can be more vulnerable to picking other things up outside, so we don't want him venturing far.

We are now looking at making Kaz's garden secure and safe so that Ace won't be able to escape. The plans for this are now underway and the special cat mesh and brackets will be ordered shortly from Felisafe (catfencing.org.uk) a great company we found online. Then it will take some time fixing it all but I will post some pictures once this is done.

Love this picture of Ace that Kaz has posted. Ace is one of the foster cats of SFHFC and here is looking on wanting a share of the lovely chicken salad that Kaz had prepared 😁😻

Meet Muffin and Cyril

Here are two lovely cats that SFHFC rescued earlier this year and are now two of our newest residents.
They had both been taken to the vets and had tested positive for FIV. With no other charity being able to take them SFHFC stepped in to ensure the safety of these cats. Sadly in a lot of these situations the cats aren't as lucky as Muffin and Cyril and are needlessly euthanised, mainly due to the misconceptions that surround the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, otherwise known as being FIV+. They have been with SFHFC for a couple of months now and although I've not yet met them myself I hear from Kay that they are both doing well and have settled into their temporary accommodation very well.

So please share if you know anybody who is looking to home a cat and may be able to give an FIV+ cat the second chance that they thoroughly deserve.

For more information about FIV please visit our website www.sfhfc.org.uk or go to www.catchat.org/FIV.htm where there is lots of helpful information.

5 years ago today our very own Tommy was diagnosed with Diabetes.
Claire and I had to quickly learn about how to care for him and his condition. One of the hardest things was to get our heads around the daily injection, but over time these have just fell into our daily routine. Amazingly Tommy has now had 3,650 injection and I have to say he is brilliant when it comes to meds time. Since then he has increased his ailments with hyperthyroidism & arthritis. We are grateful to have a superb vet and nursing team at Blagreaves along with some great friends Mick & Helen, Sarah, Hayley & Charlotte who have helped administer Tommy's medication to allow us a few mini break's along the way.
You can see from the pics that Tom is (ssshhhhh) probably Penny's favourite, but don't tell the others 😻

Keep well Tommy, we love you loads xx

Here is Houdini, he came to SFHFC in 2011 after being tested positive for FIV. A couple of years ago we fostered him out to one of our trustees Joyce in order for him to live a normal life. It warms my heart to see a photo like this of him relaxing in the sun. It reiterates the importance of giving an FIV+ cat a second chance. Sadly due to a number of misconceptions a high percentage of cats just like Houdini are euthanised every single day.
The work we have done over the years stands as proof that FIV cats can and often do live a normal and happy life. We so hope that we have been able to change some people's views with the information we provide as that may just help to save some lovely adorable cats life. When you look at this picture, just think, he could have been unnecessarily killed six years ago. It's just not right that still happens in this day and age.

When you get that feeling that your being watched.......this is Claude, he is one of the foster cats of SFHFC 😻

We're making the most of the nice bank holiday weather here in the UK doing a few jobs in our garden. Claude is enjoying the weather too and has made himself at home just where Claire is working. Don't cats just know where to sit as if to say, "stop what your doing and give me some fuss".

I have been a bit delayed in sharing some news about three cats we have rescued over the past few months.

This is Snowdrop, we rescued him from a vets after he had been taken in due to being FIV+. We had no background on where he had come from, just that he has the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and some wounds on his head, possibly from a cat fight. We would guess he might be aged between 12 to 15.
Snowdrop is currently residing in our limited temporary accommodation while we await the opening of our new unit. He has settled in alright, Kay says he enjoys his food but isn't an over friendly cat and generally prefers to keep himself to himself and doesn't want any fussing.

Since vacating the hospice in Littleover we have periodically posted about the update on our new unit. We are aware that our schedule is well overdue from our original suggested date. This has been due to a number of different situations which have arose, most of which have been out of the trustees hands. After 6 months where things seem to have stood still we are hopeful that we can get things moving again and would love to see an opening date later this year. So please keep bearing with us, and for those of you who have supported and followed us since our days in Littleover, we really do appreciate your patience.

We are reaching out in the hope that we can help to find Fizzle a new home. Due to her owners moving they are in need of finding a loving home, below is some information that Kay has supplied along with a picture of Fizzle.
If you are able to help in any way please contact Kay directly on 07967566785, she lives in Nottingham, UK. They need to find Fizzle a home before the end of June.

Fizzle is an 18 year old female and has been bought up in a family with two children. She is mild mannered, very clever and street wise. She likes to go out at night. She is house trained and eats both wet and dry food. Unfortunately she isn't very fond of other cats. She can be very affectionate and seems to know when you are ill. At these times she will not leave your side. She needs a loving home now for her senior years. She is in good health.

Sadly due to further delays with our new unit at SFHFC and with our temporary accommodation and foster carers full we don't currently have anywhere that we can home Fizzle. So we are really hoping someone out there can.
Thank you

Some of you may remember Henry, he is a cat that SFHFC rescued last year and thankfully we were able to find a wonderful loving home for him. Henry is doing well and thriving with the love and attention which he is getting. Here he is relaxing in one of his favourite positions (a bit unusual, but he likes it). Thanks must go to Laura and Mandy for opening their home to another FIV+ cat. It is so hard to imagine in a lot of cases cats just like Henry will be euthanised due to people's misconceptions about this illness. Just look at Henry, he's not on any medication, he eats, sleeps and plays like any other cat. He is a happy and contented fella.
So please remember and pass on the message that having Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV+) does not mean the cat doesn't deserve a chance of living a normal life.

It's a year ago today since we had to say a sad goodbye to our adorable Arnie who was a foster cat of SFHFC. He had seven good years with us after being given up on after testing positive for FIV. When he first came to us he was in a bad way and required a major dental, but after great vet care from Abdul at Blagreaves Vetenery Centre and some loving TLC he happily lived out his years with us. I love the picture of him with the food, you could always rely on Arnie to appear when u'd just sat down to eat your meal......he so enjoyed our human food. Still miss ya Matie x

Here is Ace who is one of the foster cats of SFHFC. He has recently moved house with his mum Kaz and I'm pleased to report that he has settled down well. Here he is relaxing on his sofa in his new living room. Well done Acey, and to Kaz we hope you are doing ok after the ordeal of moving x

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