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Mikey  🐩🏃🏿🏍🍕🍺Bob Seger is Everything


Rain or Shine YALLL

Meet Lovely 2mo. old #nationalpuppyday

Best gift ever!!! Thx @chaseroselli #stevienicksforever

The dog days R never over

Celebrated my 29 n 1/2 bday with my boops today. There was no four lokos. I must be getting older #dogblessed

Thinkin of you Stevie

It's not goodbye, it's I'll see you in line at the dog heaven McDonald's. I love and already miss you so much baby. I'll never forget you Stevie Nicks. Best dog ever! Thanks for all the comments, DMs, heartfelt phone calls and text yall. Your support has really helped me through this hard time. Dog bless #stevienicksforever

Stevie's last group walk


Hey friends. I just had a meeting with Stevie's vet and it turns out Stevie's time has come to an unfortunate end 😔 she's been through a lot and this has been the hardest decision of my life. Only woman I've ever truly loved more than myself. I know all dogs go to heaven and for Stevie,heaven will have Big Macs and Coors. I love you baby 🥀 I'm going to miss you so much 😥 she will be chillin at home on some meds til Friday. Swing by if you wanna say goodbye. Dog bless, dog bless

Life's a 🐶beach

Today was a 🐰 day @kelly.zane

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