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Sexy Pizza  New York style pizza hand crafted in the Mile High City. Come get a slice!

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Thanks @denverwestword for the recognition and thanks to my partners at @sexypizza for joining me all these years in making the world a better place through pizza any way we can. “Among the many things that pizza entrepreneur, comedy maven, activist and 2019 Denver mayoral candidate Kayvan Khalatbari has going on is a determination to never overlook anyone, especially Denver's kicked-around homeless population. Because it's Khalatbari's opinion that the city is trying to tackle the homeless situation with force and bullying rather than compassion, he partnered last fall to collaborate with the community organization Denver Homeless Out Loud to install and maintain free lockers for the homeless at Sexy Pizza's Capitol Hill location. It's a small gesture, but one with the possibility of growth — a real attempt to do something for people who've lost their belongings again and again to sweeps and theft. One step at a time.” #denver #stopthesweeps #right2rest #dignity #compassion

There's no need to tell us. We know our pizzas are sexy. Grab a slice for yourself today between 11am and 2pm and get your slice for only $2 with purchase of a drink! Available at Sexy Pizza - Cap Hill, Sexy Pizza - Old South Pearl, and Sexy Pizza - Jefferson Park! @sexypizza #sexypizza #denverpizza

The Kayvan for Denver Volunteer Welcome is happening at 5:30pm tomorrow at Mutiny Information Cafe! This event is for everybody ready to jump in and get going on the Kayvan Khalatbari - 2019 Candidate for Denver Mayor campaign! We'd love to meet you, get you signed up, see what your availability is, and get you in the loop of the campaign! @kayvanfordenver @kkhalatbari @sexypizza @sexpotcomedy @denverrelief_consulting #kayvanfordenver #denvormayor #denverpolitics #volunteer

Do you like BIG pizza? If so you'll probably LOVE Sexy Pizza. Stop by today (or any Wednesday) from 11am - 2pm and get one of our big sexy slices for only $2 with purchase of a drink! Available at all Sexy Pizzas! Sexy Pizza - Cap Hill, Sexy Pizza - Old South Pearl, and Sexy Pizza - Jefferson Park! @sexypizza #bigpizza #denverpizza #pizzabytheslice #2dollarpozza

THIS SATURDAY (1/13)! Join Sexy Pizza and the Colorado Latino Forum for the Gentrification Summit: Our Communities Are Not For Sale at the SHORTER COMMUNITY AME CHURCH. This citywide summit will bring together organizers, emerging leaders, and impacted residents who have actively and creatively resisted gentrification in their communities as well as those who want to learn strategies to take back their neighborhoods. Please join us for one of our many workshops happening between 9:30am - 3:30pm! @sexypizza #coloradolatinoforum #shortercommunityamechurch #gentrificationsummit #Denver #denvercolorado #communityaction

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As I’ve said - this isn’t about just one candidate. This is about all of us fighting for the city we deserve - a Denver that works for all people. It’s a movement, and we can use your help. Sign up at
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We knead you tonight, we knead more than ever. Celebrating #nationalpizzaweek with @sexypizza.

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Third holiday dinner night in a row. @sexypizza getting fatttt.

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Tonight at 7 pm (6:30 sign) is the sexy pizza. Tonight we talk about all of our failed New Year's resolutions for the beginning of 2017. See you at 7

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Thanks @sexypizza for the experience. Here’s one last slow mo for you. #pizza #sexypizza #pizzadough #slowmotion #pizzatosser #pizzacook #foodservice

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And then, I ate the whole pizza. (Just kidding!) Words of advice for weekend temptations: don't beat yourself up.
Answer these few questions before you undo your hard work from the week.
#1- Do you feel like you gave your all in your workouts?
#2- Has your diet been tracked and consistant?
#3- Is what you're about to eat even WORTH it?
Number 3 is probably the trickiest question to answer but I find the most useful. I don't eat anything that isn't truley everything I want. Pizza is always the winner. But not Dominos or cold stale pizza. I make sure that if I'm going to consume the calories, it better be the best. I also don't believe in "cheat meals" You should never cheat on anything. Food, workouts, spouse... stay on track. So if you feel like you've given your all at the gym all week, and you ate clean, and drank all your water... you may have just earned yourself a "treat meal"
Remember to stop after that meal though, be careful of the slide. Carbs and sugar have a sneaky way of tempting you into the next binge.. we've all been there. Pizza + ice cream = tummy troubles. Enjoy your food. Eat with purpose. Move on. Keep going!
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