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1D's wives  ~Lauren, and Julia~ . We follow back 1D accounts . Love all y'all's sexy faces!!!

Hi guys, haven't been on in forever.. But this is my family photo. I'm in a child development class. What a happy family 😏 •Julia•

Weird question.. What's so hot about neck veins? They're just vessels inside your body that carry blood to the heart.. So hot. •Julia•

Story number two, okay. So I'm in child development class in school.... And we have to carry around an egg and care for it and all that fun shit. So I'm happy to say, Niall is the proud father and Liam James, our son ( the egg) is carefully asleep in his bed. (We had to make one) in his bed is a one direction poster of Niall, awh. •Julia•

Sorry I haven't posted, whoops school sucks. Okay so I have so many stories. At dinner I didn't eat much because I have cramps (fuck you Mother Nature) so my dad wanted me to eat apple sauce for some weird reason. And he was like "eat." And I was like "no. My stomach hurts" He said. "Well applesauce is really good for cramps." Like dad wtf how did you know. So then I asked him to get my chocolate at the store and he came home with tampons, pads and food. Dad.... You worry me. •Julia•

So I used to write imagines.. And I'm thinking of writing personals again, maybe.. So kik me if you want a personal and maybe I'll write one! •Julia•

"I'd like to say one thing... I am batman." I never doubted you liam, never. •Julia•

What is this.. Where can I find this.. •Julia•

15 likes and I'll do 15 confessions about myself? :) •Julia•

Another edit I did! Please give credit if you take!! 😝. Sorry I haven't posted, I've been at the beach! •Julia•

Another edit of mine:) please give credit if you take! •Julia•

My edit 😋 so if you take, please give me credit!! •Julia•

Sorry I haven't posted!😊😚😋 •Julia•

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