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Severiano Elliott  Severiano Elliott Gonzaga Soriano, call me Seve. My dad is Paul and my mom is Tin. I was born on Sept 30.

Mommy calls me Chumby.👦🏻

Kissy kissy with Glama and tinang😘

Making paseo in the village👍

I wonder where momma and tinang are looking. Look here!📸

Mommy this is not a real penguin!😮🐧

#iwokeuplikethis 🤷🏻‍♂️

Happy Mother's Day mommy!

Hi daddy! This is how I use the remote control.😬

Tinang will visit?? Oh no!!!🙉

That's me! 💙

my daddy took me to the mall today and he bought me a toy #pasyalday

Please check out my first magazine cover with my mommy and daddy.⭐️ Thank you.

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