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After three years, I finally hit over 300 followers. Thanks to all of you. I really enjoy reading all your comments and it always brings a smile to my face to see when one of you guys like a post of mine. Anyways, here’s to more post about collections, films I love, film I just saw, and an overall public record of my life. (So I can look back at the memories and moments I shared with cool dude and hip girls) ✌️ #thisismylife

Now I’m no critic, but I am a film lover and filmmaker, so in other words talking about film is in my blood. Let’s start with the characters. Two mains, Allie and Kort. Allie is a mix of Seth from Superbad and Jay from Clerks. Her foul mouth and rude attitude is such a joy to watch. Kort on the other hand is more on the polite side and has a certain nice girl charm to her. But put these to together and you have a classic couple that play off each other better then your grandparents on Wii sports tennis. Damn near all of the supporting cast have a unique personalities and may seem one note at first but after upon multiple viewings, they are everything this film needs to be what it wants to be. Plot wise, it’s another “my friend gets a life, now what do I do” types of films. However, it’s not a bad thing cause it’s the characters that change the way it unfolds and how it engages you to care about it. I must say, I was engaged to this story because I feel it’s universal situation we have either been through or have seen. For the record, I love these self discovery films and this one gives humanity to all its characters. The conclusion is very satisfying. Our main grows and ends up in new places because of it. I’m so thankful movies like this are being made still. Thank you #ladylike To all your cast and crew members who were involved in this, thank you all for keeping my love and spirit for independent filmmaking alive. #review #independent #film #woman

Had a great time with the sis yesterday. Saw #theshapeofwater ,pretty awesome flick. Got an music box from her and it means the absolute goddamn world to me. Feel like things might go alright this year. #love #sister #musicbox #beatles #blessed #2k18

Saw the trailer for #ladylike , gotta say it looked like a good time. Gonna watch and get back to you guys about it. Watch the trailer here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xb3TIW1v3o

My Paul Haggis collection. #paulhaggis #filmmaker #mycollection #thisismylife

My James Foley collection. #jamesfoley #filmmaker #mycollection #thisismylife

To one of my favorite writer of all time. My Charlie Kaufman collection. #charliekaufman #filmmaker #mycollection #thisismylife

Happy birthday to Kevin Macdonald. Here’s my collection of his work. #kevinmacdonald #filmmaker #mycollection #thisismylife

Looking like @lawlop90 brotha. #superbeardbros Wonder if @torkeroth is proud of me for filling out my beard. #likeaman

My Errol Morris collection. #errolmorris #filmmaker #mycollection #thisismylife

"In the Zone, the longer way, the less risk."#stalker #thezone

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