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Hi my name is Jason Tenandar and it has been a priviledge to have been the person behind the #lifeofdanielhan series! I hope you had as much fun reading these random posts as i had writing them. It is sad to say that this will be the last #lifeofdanielhan photo as BAUS SAUCE Daniel will be leaving my presence (his loss).. Thank you World, Dont forget to read your bible, and STAY BAUSSS!! DANIEL SEUNGHYEON HAN OUT! #lifeofdanielhan

Hi my name is Daniel Han and I proclaim myself lord of my apartment! Nothing should be and can be kept away from me! New roommate Manuel thinks he can stalk a girl without me knowing but HUZZAH!!! Like a baus i swoop in and give him some BAUS tips on how to get girls.. DANIEL THE MATCHMAKER OUT! #lifeofdanielhan

Hi my name is Daniel Han and what does the fox say? Whenever Im in deep thought my nose itches. My BAUS senses tingle with bewilderment. Anyone wanna scratch my nose? Yes? Well you cant! Only my girlfriend can touch my nose! Jealous? You should be. DANIEL OUT. #lifeofdanielhan #ringdingdingdingding

Hi my name is Daniel Han and no I am not writing in a diary. Diaries are for chumps. This is the book where i track my meals in order for me to maintain this BAUS body i have. BEAST MODE. Wanna know my regimen? WELL TOO BAD, Daniel doesn't share his deepest darkest secrets. Daniel Out. #lifeofdanielhan

Hi my name is Daniel Han and since I am such a humble and lovable guy that I volunteer at a sweatshop.. FOR FREE.. DHAN doesnt need monai, monai is for da week! I love work.. LIKE A BAUSSS I DO MY JOB RIGHT.. Daniel the hard worker out.. #lifeofdaniel

Hi my name is Daniel Han and I am acting tired. Why? Because Daniel Han never gets tired. Daniel never says never. Daniel is just resting his eyes and trying to picture what its like to be like you n00bs. Sad? Deal with it. Daniel Out. #lifeofdaniel

Hi my name is Daniel Han and ld like to think of myself as the modern day Eddie Murphy. I make jokes, people laugh, end of story. Sometimes people don't think I'm funny but my mom tells me I am funny.. LIKE A BAUS.. Daniel the comedian, out! #lifeofdaniel

Hi my name is Daniel Han and before I fall asleep and dream about unicorns and fairies I like to feed my soul by reading The BAUS book or a.k.a The Bible. Readin a chapter a day makes you a TOTAL BAUS. Daniel out. #lifeofdanielhan


Roommate bonding tymeeee! 3 years going strong!

Hi my name is Daniel and Ladies, I didn't mean to you. This is the confession of an honest man trying to live his honest life. Daniel Out.

Hi my name is Daniel Han and I am BACK! Did you miss me? Ladies im talking to you. And no, im no longer single. Sad? Deal with it. Heres a picture of me eating McDonalds. Dont like it? Whatever. DANIEL OUT. #lifeofdanielhan

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