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  People sometimes call me Tristan

Merry Christmas from yours truly

I do not like goodbyes

I am in California

im having 2nd thots about u

I was really sad that Taco Bell was gonna close down on our campus but then I heard chick-fil-A was on the waiting list so if you're reading this @chickfila please come I miss you so much

I'm getting a flu shot tomorrow wish me luck guys

recently people have been telling me I have rbf but I'm actually a nice person???

my life rn

just woke up from a nap but I'm down for another one lol

mentally preparing for Monday is so draining

My roommate literally destroyed our toilet a few days ago and we couldn't do our business for 2 days.. He's only been living with me for a month and I'm already starting to hate him what should I do

In fourth grade I used to like this girl in my class and she liked me back and after 10 years she still messages me on facebook time to time asking me how I am. Should I marry her???