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LnL two of the most underrated dancers in the game. This set is hella🔥🔥Everyone tag @chrisbrownofficial #misfits #LnL #chrisbrown @blackpyramidofficial @chrisbrownofficialbr @royalfamilydotcom @royalfamilycrownsup @lancesavali @laurencekaiwai

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The 90's - ruled!! Straight up

@parrisgoebel can't wait for what's in store for 2016 it's seems like each year you create your own level and you keep inspiring others. Thanks to you and your company @royalfamilydotcom for giving us an amazing 2015 #parrisgoebel #TopOfTheFoodChainButPeopleStillLikeToBite haha #theroyalfamily #queen

Iv seen a lot of dance videos but nothing like this. Has to go down as my favourite dance movie of all time haha seriously people go watch. @marrrrriel and @keonemadrid thank you for blessing this world with your talent

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Our little boy was run over by a SUV last night. His lung is punctured and bones are broken. We only have 3 days to raise $25K to keep him alive. Please help us bring our little boy home. We are so devastated. It's so hard to see him in so much pain when he only gave everyone so much love. Please help us by donating and/or reposting this. Link on my bio. Anything helps 🙏🏼 Help us pray for a miracle. We love you so much Scotch ❤️ Help spread the love

Definitely one of my favourite NFL players of all time. The main reason why I got into playing football.You will always be remembered as one of the greats #SeanTaylor #21

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The tragedy of yesterday's events in France has definitely had an impact on people all around the World. After hearing what happened I went on Facebook and someone put up a status about so many lives being lost and in the comments someone had written "a lot of lives lost by Western standards, yes" ...... I Don't know why but that comment really hit me. Last year when the Taliban (reportedly) attacked and killed 132 children at a Pakistan School or when 147 people were absolutely butchered and shot dead at Nairobi shopping centre in Kenya- we didn't quite see the same public outcry or response as we have seen from the France attack have we? Last year no one changed their profile picture to a Kenyan or Pakistani flag right? I'm not having a go at anyone who has been hash-tagging #PrayForParis or even changed their profile picture to French colours. I'm just saying I think in the Western world we can be very selective to WHEN and WHO we choose to grieve for, and it's good to think about why that prejudice exists maybe? For instance if we see stories of tragedy in the middle east we're almost conditioned through the way media portrays our news to think it is (dare I say it) "normal" for them to suffer such tragedies. We are so desensitised to human tragedy outside the Western world it's scary. I'm definitely guilty of it at times but slowly I'm becoming more and more aware of what's going on in this world and the evil that exists to continue to keep our eyes shut. I probably sound crazy but that's okay. Just some of my thoughts on *my social media - nah haha those ones. #PrayForHumanity

Body shots , laser punching , footwork stability , Great fighter IQ level - Suffocating opponents with his constant pressure #GGG #Respect #GennadyGolovkin #TheyAllBeWatchingHimNow

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Each year on this day I recognize the slaughter of my ancestors. Growing up in "The land of Opportunity," I was conditioned to believe that what I was graded on and taught in school was the historical truth. I am always intrigued by the fact that we live in a system that celebrates "freedom" while authenticity, true culture and expression is punished and incarcerated. We are often fed lies based off ignorance. I understand that many of us have the day off because of this important event in history and while we do I hope you take the time to honor the blood of the true spiritual warriors of this land and recognize their unfair treatment and heartbreaking sacrifice. 🙏🏽 #ColumbusDay #1492 #Truth #NeverForget #Sacrifice

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