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Seth Savoy  Writer. Cajun. Optimist. Echo Boomer. Representation: Wetzel Ent. Inquires: DM

|| Lions make leopards tame || - William Shakespear

|| Here is to the fools who dream ||

|| "Despite the artistic progress he made, Gauguin never found the recognition or success he sought. But since he gave his everything, he eventually became a legend" ||

|| "Well, I'm most certainly glad to see you again" said Daisy Buchanan" ||
- Took this photo on the latest trip to one of the most unique cities in the states. I already miss it. Take me back.

// All she really needs is some good sax in her life. //

// New Orleans looks and feels like a fairytale that you're suppose to belong to. //

Photo by @nikkiamoore

// I'm not sure but I'm almost positive all music came from New Orleans//

|| The top is better when you have a killer view ||

|| A painting in a museum must have amazing self-esteem. It hears so many ridiculous opinions about itself and still knows who it is. ||

|| Chase the Sun ||

|| Blur or Bliss? ||

|| What do you think of the view? ||

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