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Seth Green  I like taking pictures. Sometimes I will share them with you here.

Just a monkey, chilling at an ancient temple, soaking up the last few moments of happy hour.

Someone let this tree candle drip all over this temple.


The scope of these temples is difficult to capture on film. Standing inside these massive ancient cities, it’s easy to feel connected to other humans who lived here hundreds of years ago.

I love exploring ancient places.
Thousands of people lived here hundreds of years ago in a thriving community. Now people come from all over the world to see what remains, and share the energy of these magical places.

So this is happening

Saw this awesome @katemicucci display at LAX- such a nice sentiment for returning or departing travelers. Congratulations Kate!

Really enjoyed @usmovie
It’s spooky and scary, and beautifully accomplished.
@jordanpeele is killing the game.

A great staple of comedy

Only $29.99

I made a movie about love and friendship with some of my closest friends- can’t wait to share it with you all.

Happy 22nd birthday #buffythevampireslayer
Graduating class of Sunnydale High- forged in fire, friends forever.

The show is something special, and everyone who worked on it worked very hard to make it great. Especially @sarahmgellar who never ceases to impress.

Getting to be Oz is a true honor. We got to play deeply complex characters dealing with mature and teenage problems. The writing is so strong, and the stories very relatable. What a gift for actors.
Buffy fans are a unique breed, with a depth of compassion and empathy. It’s been incredible to meet fans who watched when they were young, who now share the show with their own kids.

#JossWhedon #AmberBenson #AnthonyStuartHead #AlexisDenisof #JaneEspenson #DrewGoddard

That time we visited @zacharylevi on the set of @shazammovie
Can’t wait for all of you to see this fantastically awesome movie- it’s so much fun and the cast is stellar.
Sam Jaeger is also in this picture but not on Instagram.

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