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Seth Feroce  Dad to 2 Beautiful Daughters Proud American 💪🇺🇸💪 Owner of All American Roughneck🇺🇸 YouTube: Seth Feroce

@axeandsledge Supplements!
We are getting closer and closer to the Release! Go follow the IG page. And sign up for the Newsletter at our website by clicking on the Link in my Bio!

We are coming hard out of the gate!
Stimulant Preworkout - 2 flavors
NonStim Pump Preworkout - 2 flavors
EAA/BCAA Hydration-Recovery Formula - 2 Killer Flavors!! Carb Powder
Thermogenic FatBurner
Top Notch Quality - Patented Ingredients - Dosed Correctly - No corners being cut - No proprietary blends - Hardcore Intensity with a bit of Fuckery 💪⚒
I finally had the opportunity to create a supplement line and do it My Way! So get Ready! We will be Launching in June! (Early June! 😈) .

Swipe to check out the R&D samples. (Not the Real Labels)
Our full Labels, Product Names, Flavor Names will be Released in the very near future! Along with YouTube Videos about them all....starting next week!! So stay up to date by signing up for the newsletter and get ready for a Brand that is unlike any of the others!! ⚒


New YouTube Video is Up!
Click the Link in My Bio to Watch!
Lat Development!
This is an Informative Training Video. Focused on Lats. I reference tons of little tips that I have used to help build my Back over the years!
The Workout is in the Bio of the Video on YouTube!
Click the Link, Watch the Video, Get Amped Up, Go Fuck Shit Up!
#InThatOrder 💪💪 #AAr

The Animal and I. .
One of my favorite photos of her and I. She is my oldest. And she has my personality. Intense. Hardworking. Driven. Passionate. Little bit of a ball buster. But most importantly she has a Huge Heart. She loves her little sister and watches over her like oldest child should. .
Being a good parent is difficult, things won’t go the way you think they will, and they sure as fuck don’t get easier as they get older. Now I have made many mistakes in my life. And learned the majority of things the hard way. But one thing I am very sure of is that the Little’s ones learn from what they see. Your mannerisms, your attitude, your work ethic, the way you treat others, the way others treat you, your every single move. .
Do not ever forget that You are the most impactful immediate role model for your children. .

Little Morning Motivation!
Pick your ass up and go to work!
Don’t ever forget why you Hustle. This is why I work.
#Family .
I take a lot of pride in providing for my children. Early on as a parent i wasn’t able to provide a lot. We were able to make ends meet but i remember how rough it was and the feelings of hardship of not having a lot of luxury items. I will not forget those feelings. .
As a parent your job is to provide a Healthy, safe, positive environment for your kids to grow up. Sure they have to face adversity and have personal growth. .
Providing takes a lot....but at the same it doesn’t. It takes you to push yourself to become better. Go to Work, make money, make the correct life decisions and push yourself to become better at each aspect of life.
It takes a lot out of you i should say. And the blue print is easy.....Just Do The Work!! .
Do Not half ass Life!

Another Rantin & Ravin YouTube Video is Up!

Just Complete Nonsense ..... Absolute Fuckery! 😂

This is just us being the Morons we are. Not a Savage Animal ripping the weights apart. Lol
If you need a laugh and not think to hard....this is a video for you! 😂
Link is in the Bio!

I fell in love with the Gym, Lifting Weights and pushing myself to exhaustion, past exhaustion and anything intense when i was about 14years old. Post Fat Kid phase of my life. My nickname was “Chubbers” not a fun
But those feelings from then are what pushed me. Those negative feelings. They kept me up at night. They made me feel bad when i first woke up. I felt insecure. I Did Not Like It! .
So I did something about it. I changed. I decided i wasn’t going to feel like that.
And i thought the only way for me to get past it all was to push myself harder and farther than i actually wanted to. Took all those negative, fucked up, terrible feelings and put them to work. Did The Hard Shit!! Did the stuff others weren’t doing and didn’t want to do. I found myself. .
That Intensity. The passion. That feeling is what I put into almost all aspects of my Life. No shortcuts or bullshit.
You have to work to be the Best Version of Yourself!
Not anyone else. You. The Best You! .
So if you have some shit. Some negative unwanted feelings. It is time to take them and put them to use for Good. If you let them be and fester....they will infect you and inhibit you from Personal Growth!

Wait a Minute.....What?!? @mericaenergy Drinks!!! Yep, I have Teamed up with @mericaenergy for their New Line of Energy Drinks!
#America Baby! Fuck Yeah 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
The Flavors - OFF the Charts Good!🔥
The Cans - Absolute Mayhem 🇺🇸⚒
The Marketing Videos - Will Be Fucking Ridiculous and as American As It Gets!!! And Yes!! I will have My Very Own Flavor and Can!! #AAr

I can’t tell you how much fun this venture will be!
So Memorial Day 2018 Merica Energy will be Available!
Give their page a follow @mericaenergy and stay tuned for all of the Mayhem!!! 🇺🇸⚒🇺🇸 #Merica

@axeandsledge Supplements! ⚒Supplements for the Hardest Workers in the Gym! ⚒

This is My New Supplement Company that will be launching in June!

I am no longer with Primeval Labs. No hard feelings. Great people, Great supps. It is time for me to do My Own thing!
As you all know I am very particular with what I like and don’t beat around the bush about pretty much anything in this industry and in Life! Very upfront.
And it won’t be any different with this. Hardcore Quality Supplements. Done My Way!
I have been in the Bodybuilding/Fitness Industry for 9 years. Been training hard and taking supplements for damn near 18 years. So I have been around quite awhile.
I was you Years ago. Ambitious to train, become better, gather up as much knowledge as possible, put it use and enjoy it!! Fuck I still do that!! I love it!

Axe and Sledge Supplements will be Supplements done My Way. Not cutting corners. Going to provide quality hardcore supps for the hardest workers in the gym!
And along the way we are going to make sure we and all of you have fun with it! Do some things no one else is doing.....Add the All American Roughneck Fuckery Twist To it all! 💪⚒🇺🇸. Sign Up for the Newsletter for Axe and Sledge on the website so you can stay up to date with the Launch! Link is in my Bio!

We will have the following Supplements available for Phase 1 in June!
Non-Stim Pump Pre-Workout
Stimulant Pre-Workout
EAA/BCAA Formula
Carbohydrate Powder
Thermogenic/Fat Burner

The Moral of the Story is.......Do More Fuckin Pull Ups. And Deadlifts. The Hard Shit! The Shit everyone cry’s about. The shit you talk yourself out of. The shit that separates you from the rest. And don’t just do it half assed or with some effort......Do it Fuckin Right! You go hard as a mother fucker!
You won’t get there by doing the norm or the easy shit. Got to work for it!

Really fun, entertaining and no bullshit Interview with @nickworldclass
Link is in my Bio!! It is a little lengthy, but Perfect for Cardio, Meal Prep or while your driving! 👌👌 @nickworldclass has started his YouTube channel and is not holding back on talking about his experiences in the industry. It is great to see someone talk about their successes, failures, Good and Bad experiences and decisions. And then find the good from it all. That is a rare quality!
Give him a follow on IG and Subscribe to his YouTube!
In this interview we cover a good bit of the taboo topics of the industry and don’t hold back on our feelings on the subjects.
Click the Link to Watch!! #AAr

Caught Mid-Workout Thinking about Makin Gainz!
Muscle, Mental, And Life Gainz!
The Gym has always been my getaway. It is one of my Happy Places. During a good training session everything becomes clear. I am able to visualize it all and just execute. Whether it be my next set, the workout, business, family, whatever......A good session Alone can change my whole thought process.
Your mental stability and confidence is just as important as your physical appearance and wellbeing!
Do not neglect your Melon 🧠! #AAr

Monday Morning Motivation! ☀️💪
Gotta Do your Ric Flairs!
Emmi and I’s morning routine consist of Seeing School Busses at their facility (Where the busses sleep) and Doing Ric Flairs!! Wooooo!
It starts the day on a Positive note for us!
No matter how rough the day, how shitty it’s gonna be or whatever you may have conjured up in your head about a business meeting, business call, rough day on the job site, whatever!!........You do a couple Ric Flairs! And you’re good to go! #FuckinShitUp #GettinRightAfterIt
So Do Your Ric Flairs and Fuck Shit Up! Have a smile on your face and nothing but the feeling of relentless determination!! #FuckinA

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