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Underwater Dogs - Seth Casteel  Official Insta of NYT Best-selling Author and Animal Activist Seth Casteel, also known as "the underwater dogs guy". Host of FINDING FIDO on Z LIVING


Nala's favorite activity is breathing on me from a 1/2 inch away. 😄

Wow!!! Duncan the Pug from #UnderwaterDogs checking out a lil fishy! I need this tattoo!!!! @robrichtattoo

Hutch the Greyhound is a rescued, retired racing dog who's only sense of urgency is straight to the couch. He also enjoys snax and is intrigued by squirrels. Big hugs to all of you who have rescued racing greyhounds! And remember, never support dog racing of any kind. It's a cruel business that will soon be out of business!

A blue dasher can see in nearly 360 Degrees and has perhaps the best vision of any creature in the animal kingdom. Obviously this fella could see me and my strange hairstyle, but I moved just a few inches per minute towards him with no sudden movements. He perceived that I posed no threat and ultimately, I was able to touch this dragonfly with my camera lens.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Wonderful trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas! Some of the most amazing beaches I've ever seen!

Splish Splash

Nala has two personal beds, four comfy chairs, a couch and two king sized human beds full of various comfy pillows, yet still, a cardboard box sometimes is #1.

"Twerky-butt" from Pounce.

Rhoda the Dachshund always avoided the pool in her backyard, but her human decided to teach her how to get out in the event she ever accidentally slipped in. As it turned out, Rhoda LOVED to swim and it became her #1 hobby! She even taught herself how to knock her own ball in and dive down 6 feet to retrieve it!

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Finn the Golden Retriever

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