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🍃 Seth 🍃  ur toes lookin real tasty rn

go follow my backup @ass.v.2 please. i’m gonna be self disabling tonight cause i’m going to NY to visit my sick great grandma and I don’t want this shit distracting me. I’ll be back either Sunday night or Monday Morning. I’ll still be semi active on my backup tho.

ow oof my religion of “peace”

that’s sum spook shit

old oc that got murked

imma suck the dirt right out yo toe nails bbg 🤤

follow @seth.v.2 for more - y’all do me a favor and tag @h3h3productions

hi spike lad

follow @seth.v.2 for more - last jake paul meme before it’s completely obliterated

70 nigguh

follow @seth.v.2 for more oc - what’s the difference 🤷🏻‍♂️ (its team 10 btw)

religion of peace my ass

hit my line i got loud it’s friggin nice out

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