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princesa  avocado lover // just trying to make a difference in the world //

Vic’s never getting this shirt back 🙂

coming up for air

now you got the baddest, show me you can handle this

are mirror selfies still in? asking for a friend..

which ones your fav? I’m too indecisive to pick ☺️

allergy season is really kicking my 🍑 right now

Story time: Yellow was my favorite color before it became a trend because it helped me with my bad days and at the time, I had a lot of them. It reminded me of sunshine and it took me to a happy place. But honestly, this color is so powerful and can brighten anyone’s day, not just mine. A few days ago I stumbled upon @howwonderfulyellowis and as I looked through the pictures and found more Instagrams, I realized that it was made for one special girl and it was all yellow. The more I looked through the pictures, I realized that this young girl lost her life just over a year ago, but the most powerful thing is that when people think of yellow, they think of Maddi, an angel. It really touched my heart and now when I see yellow, I don’t just see my favorite color; I see how many people are impacted by this color. If you guys have anything yellow, post a picture in it and tag #livelikemaddi !! I will repost on my page because I don’t want Maddie’s ray of sunshine to ever get cloudy ☀️💛 also, if anyone would like a shirt for Maddi, DM me! #livelikemaddi #rayofsunshine #howwonderfulyellowis #yellowformaddi


happy fourth lovies💙❤️🇺🇸

hard to selfie anymore when I work every day 🙃

summertime happiness

love your life and your life will start to love you back☀️

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