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sihan  ⛰日々は好日

Berry wreathe tart😊
Making the wreathe was a rather exciting process — from creating the inner tart ‘shell’ to removing it from the mold to prevent breakage. Will definitely make this again when I have more berries and time to make this prettier!

Comfort of bread and chocolate all rolled in one...
What a stressful week!! Glad it’s coming to an end🤧

Soufflé pancakes; my favourite kind🥞

Couldn’t forget the thin and crispy taiyaki I ate in Tokyo — had to make it!!
Happy with my second attempt; other than the filling drying out during the cooking process 🤗

Carrot cake with pecans and brown butter cream cheese frosting 🙂

Carrot cake with pecans and brown butter cream cheese frosting🥕

Hazelnut gelato 😛

Homemade bagels😊

I’ll see you soon❤️

Making pineapple tarts from scratch is truly a labour of love; Happy Chinese New Year🍍🍊

Chocolate cupcakes with whipped caramelised white chocolate houjicha ganache ☺️

Purple sweet potato swirl bread loaf studded with chestnuts☺️