seriouslyyy seriouslyyy

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Sara  I'm mixed up about who I am. So I'm posting real pics of me. Not all filtered and all posed.

Loving this look

#RealMe Ugh I hate pics of full body. But I'm trying to learn to love myself.

This horribly embarrassing picture. This is how I look when the wind is blowing like crazy. Eeeek why am I posting this 😝 It's me and I need to get used to me, to accept myself.

I'm in love with #dresses! I just bought this one and I think it's too cute. What's your thoughts?? By the way I haven't worn a dress in over 10 yrs until this past July! I've finally accepted myself ❤️

Took this pic for a different reason but I'm using this account to post real pics. Not headshots only, not filters only. This is me 🙂

New dress. To keep or not to keep...