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STOP LOOKING AT ME SWAN  Giri Putri.... MARVEL, BALLERS, TEDx speaker... and soon to be The Coroner.

You are my first pick for the #featuredteacher challenge! You are such an inspiration and your kids deserve the world (and an updated, diverse, empowering LIBRARY!!) Check out my story or the link in my bio for Sarah’s wishlist! Please help me check off as many items as we can! I have already purchased 11 items so let’s see what we can do together! .
Also, I have read every single submission so far and I cannot tell you how blown away I am by everything you all do for your students. I am humbled to be able to support in anyway I can, as you are the ones who are truly changing the world each day with your generosity and dedication. .


HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE... wait actually don’t wait let’s see if we can help these incredible teachers!!

Starting tomorrow i will be participating in the #10featuredteachers challenge. I cannot say how excited I am to try and get your wishlists filled. I am who I am today because of the incredible women and men who cared to show up not only for their job but also for myself and all my classmates (yes that’s you Mr. Keary and Mrs. Sleaman!). .
Let’s support our teachers...Let’s support our future!!
Swipe for rules!!
Other incredible humans inspiring and participating @kristenanniebell @busyphilipps @imrosemciver

Love. Pure and simple. .
This special moment caught by the incredibly talented @jordan_harvey_photography and mua by @julia_crimson_makeup

Your mind is a seed.
The tallest trees in the forest are created not only by the will and intelligence of the seed within, but also the conditions surrounding it. .
So, if the environment we choose can determine how we will grow, what we value and how we see the world, then ask yourself, have you chosen a decorated pot with your roots entangled and snared or the deepest of forests with infinite miles to grow.
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Fringe friends...
It can take up to 2900 gallons of water to make one pair of cotton jeans. Thats the equivalent of 77 bathtubs full of water. In countries without proper regulations in place, the laundry runoff from denim factories is dumped into local water ways, infiltrating farmland and thus infecting crops with hard chemicals. This is the real cost of a cheap pair of jeans. #truecost

Sometimes I like to take pictures...

TIFF has begun...
A Canadian in Canada wearing a Canadian designer. Represent. .

Open minds lead to open roads...

Where I want to be...

It all starts with you...
With the help of some incredible humans my dreams are coming true!! Deedly education is launching this school year!!! .
We see the Deedly curriculum as an opportunity to arm students with the knowledge of world issues while simultaneously offering them the ability to donate monetarily. Our belief is that education should be free, and our goal is to give our students a choice in the future they want to be apart of, and give them the tools and information to achieve it at no cost to them, their teacher, the school or the charity highlighted. .
Thank you @andrewrez21 @arielswan @fgiustra @hoodablah @margiedillenburg @nataliewarne @ellecomm .
Currently, Deedly is in over 300 schools and partnered with Charity Water, Pencils of Promise, World Wildlife Fund, Oceana,, Donors Choose, Watsi, Adventure Project, Mama Hope, Oceanic Preservation Society, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Orbis International, Kind Campaign, Fashion Revolution and many more!

Running through the 6 with my.... @1914covintage .
Say no to fast fashion. #reducereuserecycle #upcycle #vintageclothing .
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Film isn’t dead. .
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