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Sergio Oliva Jr 🇨🇺🇺🇸  2017 NY Pro Champ🗽🏆 ♦️GAT Sport Athlete💊🏋🏽‍♂️ ♦️Victory Clothing VP 💪🏽👕 ♦️Team Pro Tan☀️👱🏾‍♂️

#TransformationTuesday: This is a picture of the John Hancock being built in 1967 when my father was Mr. Olympia. All great things take time to build. They aren’t just made in their final form. They need structure and several levels of sculpting and building that takes years to perfect. They then need to waver the storms and winds that will try and knock it down. I’m sorry I didn’t pop out of my mother looking like a perfect Mr. Olympia but just like my father and the John Hancock building, it will take years of hard work and methodical thinking and planning to be something great left standing one day. #ThisIsntEvenMyFinalForm #BuildingOneFloorAtaTime #ThisIsntEvenMyFinalForm #MarathonNotARace #AllGreatThingsTakeTime #StillBatting500 #WeGotThis @victoryclothinginc @gatsupplements 📸 @nvitarel

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#MotivationalMonday: To myself. It’s not what you look like. It’s what you look like on stage. This is 3 days before the Chicago Pro. Nothing else matters than the 3-5 min you have to present all your hard work for the year. You can be a pro in the gym and be the sculptor Arnold talked about in Pumping Iron. But it won’t matter unless you’re also a Pro at timing and showcasing what you Possess for the judges when the time being. #AlwaysMakeNewMistakes #DontWorryIGotMyOwnBack #TeamAceto

You might not be used to this much power. With 8.2g of Citrulline Malate, 3.2g Carnosyn, 3g Creapure Creatine, 6g BCAAs, 350mg Caffeine and 500mg Tyrosine, Psychon takes pre-workout to a whole new level. #CompeteHarder #GATSport @gatsupplements

Best Thing I’ve ever done in my life! Sometimes you gotta just Jump

Living our best life 14,000 feet in the sky. #TeamOliva #INeededThis #Famo

Don’t let someone Dim your light, simply because it’s shining in their eyes. #TheyDontLikeUButStillFindTime2WatchEverythingUdo

I think this is the best example of how social media blinds fans from what’s actually on stage. This also shows it matters who you stand next to. When I stand next to Jon in NY a tad off I’m known for great conditioning. In Chicago Michael brought his best ever and now my “conditioning sucked”. Yea I def coulda been dryer and fuller no doubt. But this is proof of the changes and improvements that were made. Can we please acknowledge how shitty my abs structure was in my front poses yeeesh!!🤨🤢 I was So embarrassed of my front dbl. I think my glute/ham in the side chest shot shows what I was saying in my last post. That I was better conditioned but improper water and carb loading gave the illusion my condition was worse than NY(def not the case) Thank you @fernando_arroyoo for making this. I Took an L on stage for not being a pro at my timing, yes. But I def know what the fuck I’m doing in the gym and that makes me feel really good. #AlwaysMakeNewMistakes #AlwaysGettingBetter #DontBelieveEverythingYouHear #YouVsYou

🤤 Just in time for this hot summer. New peach iced tea flavor ☀️😎 #GatSports @gatsupplements

TransformationTuesday: People always love to tell me there’s more to life than bodybuilding. Yes, there is. But there’s also more life to bodybuilding than just on stage. Just like this lil momma, I also was born to parents who met because of this sport. Bodybuilding is life, and it also creates life. Can’t wait to see @yorks0609 and Bianca again and let’s hope I’ve grown more than she has by then. #WeAreFamilia 👶🏽 #Born4ThisBornFromThis

I think some people don’t understand the difference between “Not being conditioned” and “Nailing your condition” timing. In most pros shows you get judged twice. Once in the morning and once at night. Unfortunately I’m always my best later in the day (night). Since no one cared or followed me before NY they don’t know I was actually losing prejudging in New York just like Chicago but because I was able to come back HOURS later at night I tightened up and pulled that Win out. But this was a different show. Prejudging was so fast and I didn’t get worked over and over like I did before which I need as anyone will tell you I get better the longer I’m out there and on top of it then the night show started 2 hours later at 4pm. So unfortunately the show was decided in the morning. And anyone who follows me knows I’m up till 3-4 am so that early prejudging my body just wont ever peak. I don’t care about any haters that finally have something to say about me. (In fact I’m glad y’all are back because I need you guys lol). But because I was holding water and didn’t fill out now all of a sudden I’m not a good bodybuilder and wasn’t in shape? 🤔Def not the case. It wasn’t lack of hard work or anything like that either. Just the last day timing of food and water. But I do want my followers to understand the differences and learn this sport cause I feel that’s the biggest problem is the ignorance of what’s good or bad. So this is my back literally 3 min before I went down for the night show cause @therealtechnician wanted a quick pic to see how we were filling out. Unfortunately it didn’t matter. So I don’t like that I never got to stand alone with Mike at night and battle it out like I did with Jon in NY and the fans def deserved it. But thats bodybuilding. You can’t always control everything. You can only adapt or plan certain shows around what’s best for you. And if you think Chris and I won’t adapt then you don’t know who the technician is... #TeamAceto #OnlyWinsCauseOfHisName

Pre-Judging is a wrap! Congrats to @str8_flexin31 @sergeykulaev and @mattkouba on their first Pro show. But looks like the last years defending champ is bringing his best and making me have to earn this one. Gonna go rest up and come back even better tonight and win this posing round 👊🏽 I love this shit! #Time2Earn it ... @wingsofstrength @victoryclothinginc @gatsupplements @muscleegg @protan_official @tgflex

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