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Sergio Oliva Jr 🇨🇺🇺🇸  2017 NY Pro Champ/2015 Nationals Overall Winner ✦Victory Clothing VP 💪🏽👕 ✦ Old School Labs Ambsdr 👨🏻💊 ✦ ProTan 👱🏾🌞 ✦ Sinister/ Angry Mills Athlete ☠🥜


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...and I never did........... #MotivationMonday Train till you make quote shirts come true. This is the day after losing USA’s for my pro card. Thanks @physiquephotog for telling the future. #NYPRO #YouDontGetIt #NeverGiveUp #IFBB

The expectations I have for myself are far greater than the expectations anyone else can have of me

Only in Venice 🤨...... @sinisterlabs #SinisterFam

#TBT to when @jasonhugehuh and I tried out to be one of the Monstars in Space Jam. 😝👹

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“Skipping leg day just to run your mouth”_______THANKS FOR THE PUSH @body_by_kirk

#TransformationTuesday: Mike Matarazzo Classic(Chicago) -NY PRO...2012-2017___________Just cool how it’s the same angle. Can’t wait to get back on stage in Chicago in July. #GlutesAndHamsWinShows #KIOS

Are you Keeping it OLD SKL? But on every level? @oldschoollabs Newest Protein “Vintage Brawn” is made out of Beef, eggs, and milk. As soon as I changed my eating and got on less shakes throughout the day my body changed. But for after the gym on the way home before I can get a meal in, or just running around doing errands, Shakes are perfect! So it’s even better when you’re drinking whole food. And I tried blending my food up years ago. Trust me that’s not the best idea 🤢🤢. Link in Bio. Use My discount code Sergio12 and tell me what you think #KIOS👨🏻

MAKE BODYBUILDING GREAT AGAIN! @kj_theproteinpapi 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
This is a call of arms to my Brothers and Sisters. Let’s Make Bodybuilding Great again. It’s seriously disgusts me seeing something I fell in love with become what it has today. From competitions to crooked supplement companies to social media. What happened? We got away from the things that we loved. Hard Work, Discipline, Consistency , Dedication, etc. When I say Bodybuilding I mean the entire Fitness community. Every class of competitors from bikini to open bodybuilding.
Competitors, I’m sick of going to shows and seeing guys 6,7, 8+ weeks out. Condition at local shows has become disappointing. Cut that shit out! Stop letting your friends get on stage like this.
Ladies !! Love u guys but everyday doesn’t have to be Humpday Boo. It bothers me as a straight man, the fact that I get tired of seeing ASS on my IG feed. Lol don’t stop completely but cover up a bit, switch it up. Trust me you’ll get more respect Beloved.
Again Ladies, quit being exploited by these companies. Working expos and shows for free or practically nothing. You don’t have to work the Arnold for Whey Protein Concentrate Ma, at least get Isolate. 😂😂😂 Seriously tho slangin Fit Teas on the gram when you know god damn well that shit don’t work.
Social media is out of control. Delusion is at an all time high. Relax it’s not real!!! Also no disrespect to any Youtubers or Insta- famous people but sometimes I feel like these people are the Kardashian’s of Fitness. Quit making people famous for nothing.😂
Lastly guys, the Go Fund Me accounts gotta stop. It’s disgusting seriously! If you can’t afford to compete then don’t. Take your time , gather your resources. It looks ridiculous asking for handouts. However I can’t blame you if people are giving you free money lol 😂😂😂
I plead with you to join me in my mission to MAKE BODYBUILDING GREAT AGAIN! This message was paid for by the Protein Papi @kj_theproteinpapi

🔲🔲UPDATE🔉🔊 Clearly I need to clarify my last post. Well I am not moving to men’s physique. I am a bodybuilder and will always be one. I love this sport more than anything in my life. It’s because of this sport that I am even here walking and breathing. My parents met because of this sport. A lot of people ask me why I hit the Victory Pose. To be compared to my dad? Trying to be a second coming? I am not my father and I never will be. I hit that pose because it’s a sign of proof that our sport is living on through generations. If you Like me or not, I am walking proof that this sport is healthy. Don’t use a few bad apples in over 60 years of competitions to prove a point that this is unhealthier than any other sport. Every time I do a show and hit the #Victory,I’m a contradiction to every negative statement or accusation to my class. But Hey, It’s not for everyone tho. This is the greatest sport but its also the hardest as well. I would never call out anyone who wants to change positions in it. It’s only when you state the only reason you are is because of the health risks in my category. And on top of it say “The Classic Division is the future of bodybuilding” Now you have offended every past pro before me including my father that helped start all this. I actually highly respect the REAL classic division Competitors not the “weekend warriors” who pretend to live this life we do. The classic physique division is not the same muscle mass as the golden era. I’m sorry you have your info wrong. My father was 5’9 and weighed 250lbs he would have to lose 55lbs!!!! To achieve greatness takes time. When you run a sprint in this, is when it becomes “unhealthy” The current top pros will retire eventually. Maybe not Dexter, he will prob compete against my son lol but then it will be time for the next generation of this sport. You can be a part of it and choose how you want it portrayed by leading by example. I care about the future of this sport. And I’ll defend it till I die. I’m going to be that staple for change not just whine about things I have the tools to change.But no matter what open Bodybuilding in IFBB Pro league will live on forever. #MyBlock #Lineage

The FINAL episode in our three-part series featuring OSL Contributor Tom Platz (@platzinum) and 2017 IFBB NY Pro champion & OSL Ambassador, Sergio Oliva Jr, (@SergioOlivaJr) as they go HARD, Golden Era style!
Be sure to watch episodes 1 & 2 in the series & and tag your workout partners in the comments below to motivate them!
Keep it Old School! 💪 #KIOS
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⚫️⚫️Announcement Please READ:

I’m sad to announce because of health reasons I will be stepping down from the open class. I found out my second uncles grandfathers cousin had a bad heart. So just not willing to take the risk, sorry. But I’m actually not going to move down to Classic and instead, just go straight down to Men’s Physique. I’d like to apologize to Chris Aceto, friends, family, sponsors and everyone who invested in me, sacrificed their life and time for me to reach my dream of being Mr.Olympia one day. Just for me to be like “Just kidding”, It’s actually not that important to me after-all. So even tho I’m surrounded by perfect examples of great pros, in perfect health, and great representations of the word “longevity” right in my face, I’m still ignorantly calling the sport unhealthy. I didn’t win the Mr.Olympia my rookie year😤😤 so I don’t like that ,and don’t want to push my body anymore. #3DayWeekendWarrior #NoHeart #NoGuts #NoBalls

#MotivationalMonday: Shut The Haters Up With Your Results

☠️ @sinisterlabs Spreading through my Veins💀 What’s your favorite Flavor?

#TbT Two days before NY Pro.
Ignorant people: You have to push a ton of drugs to win a Pro Show.
Me: Hold my beer.. #Unhealthy #NoFilter #NoMagicMirrors #TeamAceto #MarathonNotASprint

#WayBackWednesday: When I stood next to the big boys. This was an amazing experience. Best part is @roellywinklaar face tho. Comment what you think he was thinking. ————- I think He’s like “Who is this guy anyway, never seen or heard of this annoying ass kid” 😂

How I feel when I take @oldschoollabs sleep and recovery “Vintage Bliss” Hey @juandieselmorel now it’s a Pawty 😂 #KIOS use promo code Sergio12 for discount on your next order.

5 Things To Quit Right Now. —————————————————
1. Trying to please everyone
2. Fearing Change
3. Living in the past
4. Allowing others to Put you down
5. Overthinking

Just a quick reminder to all the ladies out there! We’re looking for motivated Ambassadors to join our team. Dm the @victoryclothinginc ig for more info. #TeamVC

#TBT To the La Fit Expo last weekend. Even tho I was super sick I’m really glad I sucked it up and was there for my fans. I love my job and what I do and I Love L.A even more. This was the first expo I’ve worked being a successful pro. And the respect and encouragement I got about either what I went through for NY or all the personal things I’ve been and still am dealing with today, reminded me it’s all worth it. Thanks for all the support and the turn out for the @sinisterlabs booth and the Very first @oldschoollabs booth was insane. #KIOS👨🏻 #SinisterFamily☠️

#WaybackWednesday: Stuntin! Ain’t nobody want none of that front double bi 🤣💪🏽🚴🏼‍♀️

One more day till the L.A Fit Expo! Make sure to stop by the Sinister booth. We’ll have peanut spread samples and the best protein bars on the market. Come say what’s up. I’ll be hanging out and signing autographs. #SinisterFamily☠️

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