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Sergey Lazarev UK  We are Sergey Lazarev's Official Fan Club in the UK. Join the gang: sergeylazarevuk@gmail.com. Moscow 19.04.18 - N Tour

Warming up at Zima Russian Restaurant in Soho, London ahead of our visit to @forest_novayariga in April.
Спасибо @zimabar, это было вкусно!
@kuznetsovdmitr - Мы ждем, попробовать вашу еду 😍
#instafood #foodies #fillmybelly #sergeylazarevfanclub #london #moscow

Yesterday the UK Fan Club met up on a glorious day in London to visit the 'Red Star over Russia' exhibition at the @Tate Modern, stroll along the South Bank of the River Thames, and for dinner at Zima Russian Restaurant in Soho.

A fabulous time was had by all!

If you're based here in the UK and would like to join us, i.e. Sergey's UK Fan Club, please get in touch! We have regular meet ups in the UK and travel to Sergey's overseas shows together. We were in Berlin for The Best Show and are heading to Moscow for the premiere show of #NTour 💛

#sergeylazarevfanclub #офксергеялазарева #фанклубсергеялазарева #uk #london

#Repost @lou_pedersen 🎶 Just because you walk away doesn't mean goodbye 🎶

Lost fanclub members 🙅

@lazarevsergey @catopig @jojoliza40 @sergeylazarevuk

ГДЕ ОНИ??? We have lost some Fan Club members @lou_pedersen @jojoliza40 - где вы???

Fabulous! The first one could go on a stamp! Or postcard/greeting card etc. 😍

#Repost @life_anomaly I found some free time, so I made Sergey Lazarev's dog, Daisy in the Sims 4 🐕😍 #дейзилазарев #дейзи #sergeylazarev #сергейлазарев #sergey #сергей #лазарев #dog #pets #sims4 #sim4pets #sims4 #sims4cas

Why always me?

Behind the scenes photos from the Сдавайся/Sdavaysya/Surrender video shoot in Portugal

#sergeylazarev #lazarev #surrender #newvideo #newmusic #сергейлазарев #лазарев #сдавайся #sdavaysya

I've tried and failed to upload a video clip numerous times but it keeps getting removed so have a passive aggressive, dull as, screenshot instead.

Сдавайся/Sdavaysya/Surrender video comments!
⬇️⬇️⬇️ The UK FC group chat is alive with the sound of... Sergey snogging 🙊🙊🙊 Hehe

It's a thumbs up from us 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
➡️ "I think it's a brilliant one again - I like how they've done it"
➡️ "If it had been me I’d have drunk the vodka not thrown it on the wound!!!"
➡️ "I'm shook" (😂)

Plus many low-brow comments relating to said tashing on 😂👅💦🙉🙈🙊

I love the contrast between old and new; how the first scenes appear to look like from a more basic, simpler, era, and then Sergey advances through to the modern age of smart phones and the like.

And also the earth colour tone of the video with the splashes of red throughout - the dress, the phone booth, the TV shots etc. - looks 👌🏻

Fab storyline too.


Active link to the video in Sergey's profile ✨

#Repost @lazarevsergey Премьера клипа «Сдавайся» ! Режиссер:Алан Бадоев @alanbadoev . Полная версия по ссылке в шапке профиля.
Автор песни:Ирина Дубцова @dubtsova_official
#Лазарев #Бадоев #Сдавайся #Дубцова
С днем Святого Валентина! ❤️

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
С Днём Всех Влюблённых все! 😘
#valentinesday #днемвсехвлюбленных #loveyou

The results of this appeared a few months ago but the OGAE UK magazine dropped through my door yesterday and this made me smile. For future reference, there's still lots of love in the Eurovision fan community... 😌

Results from the OGAE Song Contest 2017. Idealniy Mir (Идеальный мир) finished in 4th place and was the first non-English language song)))

OGAE is the international community of fans of Eurovision and this Song Contest is held annually in October to find the best non-Eurovision song from the last 12 months ❤️

#eurovision #ogaeuk #ogae #ogaesongcontest2017 #sergeylazarev #lazarev #идеальныймир #ouronlyone

‪Video premiere. Lazarev/Badoev. "Сдавайся". February 14th. Valentine's Day. Tomorrow! Don't miss it!!!‬ #sergeylazarev #lazarev #surrender #newvideo #newmusic #сергейлазарев #лазарев #сдавайся #valentinesday

Sergey war heute am Kölner Karneval 🔴⚪️🎉🍻/Sergey was at the Cologne Carnival today!

Cologne Carnival is known as one of the biggest and best carnivals in the world. It officially starts in November(!) and culminates in a crazy few days just before Ash Wednesday; Thursday 8th to Tuesday 13th February this year.

The highlight of the carnival is tomorrow - Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) - with the march of 'Cologne's Dreigestirn', or Triumvirate/Troika - the three rulers of the Carnival who preside over the mad people!!! There's the Prince (also known as 'His Madness'!), the Peasant and the Virgin. The huge procession of people and floats attracts around one million people annually to Cologne's streets!

The guys in the photo with Sergey are dressed as the Dreigestirn 😅

Interesting fact: the Virgin is traditionally played by a man, but between 1936 and 1943 the Virgin was ordered by Nazi authorities to be played by a woman 😱

#kölnerkarneval #köllealaaf #rosenmontag #sergeylazarev #lazarev #colognecarnival #сергейлазарев #лазарев

Sergey co-presented the Song of the Year show yesterday in Düsseldorf, along with Lera Kudryavtseva, which was the first time the show had been hosted in Germany.

He also performed Tak Krasivo and Lucky Stranger.

Merci beaucoup to @anelor76 for all these photos, who's fast becoming our Getty Images for Sergey 🙃😊
#songoftheyear #песнягода #сергейлазарев #лазарев #sergeylazarev #lazarev #düsseldorf #deutschland #russianmusic

OK, so I may have fangirled a little upon finding this photo yesterday. I've never seen it before! 🙅🏻

Sergey at a very familiar location in March 2008 - Camden High Street, Lahnden Town, still with cup in hand 😁

I discovered he played club gigs in Camberley, Cheshunt, Romford and Bournemouth on this trip... in addition to the Heaven, London gig (where he has performed more than once).

I also came across this excerpt from an interview with Gaydar in June 2008:
"And what about the UK. What do you like most about London?"
"I love London very much. It’s a very dynamic, live city. As for the tempo of life, it does remind me a lot of Moscow. When I’m in London I really like to walk out of the hotel in the morning, when it’s still a little chilly, but sunny outside and then go to the park, sit down and have my favourite White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks - everyone likes to kick back now and again."

Next time you're over here, @lazarevsergey, you need to try the Cafe Maya from @amtcoffee. FIT ☕️😍

#sergey #sergeylazarev #lazarev #сергейлазарев #лазарев #uk #camdentown #london #starbucks #amtcoffee #gaydar

🇬🇧 Tonight, @bbctwo, 7:30pm UK time. Eurovision: You Decide 2018.

Mel Giedroyc and @manszelmerlow will be presenting the show, live from Brighton Dome, scene of ABBA's 1974 Eurovision victory, to find this year's UK #Eurovision entry.

On the panel are @rochellehumes, @tomfletcher and @rylan and, as last year, the winner of #eurovisionyoudecide will be decided by a 50:50 combination of viewer and jury votes (nice jury 😉).

We will be able to vote online and via telephone.

Can't wait! I have my faves 😊🤞🏻

When partners and husbands just have to accept your love of @lazarevsergey 🙊

@janesween68's bedside table 😂 Quote "My husband had a little comment but is OK with it"

#Repost @janesween68 I’ve nabbed Kate’s light! Too cute! #penguin #sergeylazarev

There's a second part!!! A-MA-ZING. The ending 😂👌🏻 ⏩ "If Sergey was..."™ Alexa ⏪

#ifsergeywas #eurovision
#Repost @gensreid Sergey Lazarev as Alexa/Amazon Echo 😂😂😂 #GoBuyOne #SergeyLazarev #ТыОнлиВан #Амазон #AmazonEcho #TechBoi

COUNTER-SUE ME, @gensreid 😂😂😂 ⏩ "If Sergey was..."™ Alexa ⏪

#Repost @gensreid Sergey Lazarev as Alexa/Amazon Echo 😂😂😂 #GoBuyOne #SergeyLazarev #ТыОнлиВан #Амазон #AmazonEcho #TechBoi

The new single, Знаешь/Znaesh/(You) Know, from @dvoegroupofficial is available in the UK across Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Music.

Search 'DVOE' across any of these platforms and you'll find it.

It's an instantaneous pop number - perfect for your weekend listening! 🎧🎶 #DVOE #знаешь #премьера #russianpop #newmusic

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