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S E R E T I X 🕊  | You ever seen a walking masterpiece? 👣| #seretix

Life is Art💐

♥️💚favorite 💚♥️

@theluxeshopper got my feet drippin 💧🔌

Weekend drip 💧

I’ve never been a people pleaser. I repeat outfits all the time. There’s still 7 billion people who haven’t seen it yet 🤷🏾‍♀️

Put some respekk on @thevirginhairfantasy skrrrr💋

Have you ever had your selfie grafted on you cappuccino? Never mind my unapproachable face🤣 caption my face...

@thevirginhairfantasy is my hair 🔌.

Social media is a free outlet to get rich but some people are out here arguing & being negative while fueling someone else’s bank account. Issokay, carry on. Im praying for you, God bless you. 💋

Please get “brand new.” Do not stay the same. Please learn & grow. I’m rooting for your evolution. And when you slay leave no survivors eh. 🙌🏾

Everyone is gifted. Some open their packages sooner. 💕

As long as you hold a place in a man’s heart, You’ll hold a permanent place in some woman’s search bar.

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