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Serendog💖  Capricorn ♑️ 🙌only God can judge me and my mummy💖 🌈 Bisexual ❤️ Aunty Chubba 🔐 privv: @secretlifeofserenityy 🐶@secretlifeofjasperr 🐾

Never really knew what it was like to have a sister till i met you 💖
#MyQueen #SexySlut #Family

Its just me myself and I

Playing the game called life

And there it is.. @secretlifeofserenityy

Depression is being colorblind and constantly told how colorful the world is!

Pt 1.
New Years, 2018

But to go see my munted ass
Check out @secretlifeofserenityy

Was looking for honey
found poison instead
- Toxic Friendships

If someone thinks you’re being dramatic or selfish, then they obviously haven’t walked a mile in your shoes. It’s not important for you to explain yourself. You get a pass here. Don’t let anyone else try to saddle you with guilt or shame. If you need your space, take it.


You listen to me, your owner is me, I look after him
I feed him, I wash him, I bed him
I baby him, I'm the one that puts icecubes in your water to make sure it's cool enough for you in summer! I look after you like your one of me and for everyone who sees him
Don't meet jasper and own him or claim him!
In the end ill be more then happy to beat your fucking ass

Just vodka tings 💖

To anyone effected by the fires around Stradbroke Island I hope you are all safe and well and that all the animals are safe! My thoughts are coming your way 😥💔💖

22•06•18 💙

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