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Sveta  The 👁of Wonder

A natural pause point. When you think is it possible that you had many lifetimes on this Earth? And if you did, who you were?, and what influence that can have on you? #imagine #dream #raw #naturalpause #whatif #travelwithoutborders

A glorious ode to the beauty of the small moment. Because the joy that isn't shared dies young. #crowsnest #redberet #gloriousode #smallthings #hamptons #poetry #whileithinkofit

Thanks Oh Wonder for the fun music adventure. With @antwestmusic #summereuphoria #summerneverend #surflodge #montauk

Thank you so much Oregon eclipse for a week of a non-stop, non-repeating journey, for all the amazing food, yoga classes, connecting dance moves, sound baths, mud baths, ceremonies, gorgeous encounters, visual arts, unbelievable live music bands, non stop laughs, tree house hoppings, napping spots, singing, talks, music meditations, stunning souls, hospitality, and all the random adventures!!!! I will remember you ❤️ #symbiosis #totalsolareclipse2017 #oregon #magicland #memoriesforlife #journey

This week I experienced my first ever total solar eclipse and its majestic power. I watched how the moon and the sun began to kiss, slowly merging. A wave of emotions flowed through me while watching this dance. Tears bursted from my eyes overwhelmed by the beauty of the moment. When the moon got close to covering the sun completely, I took off my glasses and could not believe my eyes. Everything around became darker. The wind took off and I felt chills going through my skin as it got much cooler. I looked at the sky and sighed looking at the black sun with a colorful halo around it. The sky got dressed into the gorgeous tones of the red sunset. I hugged my dearest friends tighter. There were 30,000 of us and it felt like I hugged all of those people feeling the magic connection with everything around. The nearest planet became visible in the sky. And we watched the moon and the sun making intense deep love. I laughed and cried. Sunset turned into the sunrise as eternity fitted into 2 minutes of our lives. Thank you the universe for gifting this experience and everybody who shared that with me. Hopefully until the next one in Patagonia in 2020!! Photo by @gettiny #totalsolareclipse2017 #oregoneclipse2017 #oregon #totalsolareclipse #totality #connection #weareone #weoweittoourselves

When you go out for brunch with friends and randomly meet @erajasadi and @gianlucadisotto shooting #bushwickbrunch #thisdressthough #smiley #likeafeather #bushwickstreets

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