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i wear black to the gym to mourn the fat dying off me. 🤟🏽
#july21daychallenge #herbalifenutrition lose weight now ask me how!

333: equilibrium between mind/body/spirit .
The number I’ve been seeing the most lately ❤️🤟🏽 who else is into numbers?!

Sexy & Classy. .
I put in good nutrition in my body on the daily so I have the confidence to step out the way I want to! .
#herbalifenutrition #july21daychallenge #eatclean #eathealthy #nutrition #fitnessmotivation #fitness

hi to my new followers! I am a Herbalife health coach here to help you reach your goals! Whether it be more energy, more confidence, losing weight, leaning out, gaining muscle. I got you! Dm me if you want me as your coach! ❤️ don’t forget to check my RESULT HIGHLIGHTS in my bio to see before and afters!

This LA heat 🔥 who’s feeling it with me?! 😍

I gained 3-4 lbs on my birthday and it went straight to my thighs. It’s time to shred for extravaganza in Houston, Texas this next weekend 😏🤤

Current thoughts : on a hunnad i want burgers and fries 🍟

Herbalife nutrition got me feeling like a supermodel 😏

The sun is my heaven. The sun is my energy. ❤️

I remember when i wished i had no back rolls when I’d stick my booty out like this 😂 . Gooooals! looking for 10 women who have a desire to increase their confidence!

Don’t let what happens in your life affect your entire mood. It’s not happening TO you it’s happening FOR you. Learn to look at the bigger blessings that are set in your path for a reason!

Year 25 ; challenges hit hard, lessons well learned. Year 26, life only gets better with knowledge ❤️
happy birthday to me #cancerseason♋️

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