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Serena Zwart-Schafer  God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen. 💙

It’s my beautiful baby sisters’ birthdays today! Can’t believe 15 rolled around so quickly... I couldn’t be prouder of you both, and excited to see what’s in store for your future.
Your bigger but shorter—save the heels—sister 💕

Thank you to all who helped pull off Britt’s surprise Dr Pepper birthday party! ❤️

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to this handsome fella! Twenty-one sure looks good on you! I feel very blessed to have found such a genuine, kind hearted, humorous, (old) man who loves God more than anything. May this year be full of all the cliche birthday wishes. Cheers to all the memories and smiles, and all those to come 💕🍻

Black coffee, early mornings, and cold weather is better with you 💕

“I believe in the future of agriculture...” Jordan and Jaylyn, you’ve worked so hard. I’m so proud to be your older (yet suddenly smaller) sister. I can’t wait to see what your futures in FFA and beyond hold 💙💛

The meat of the matter is that every day 76 million Americans consume a beef product, raised ethically and efficiently by one of over 800,000 ranchers/producers in the United States! #nationalfarmersday #godblessthefarmer

There was some legen-dairy service during kids night tonight at TXRH 🐄#cowservingsteaks #ilovemyjob

Beautiful mess


Don't wake me up from this dream I'm living 💜

Dearest Morgan,
I love you. From the bottom of my heart I do. Thank you a million times over for everything you do for me. You do one one heck of a job keeping me sane and fed. Without you I wouldn't have half the opportunities that I do. I owe you more than I can even imagine, but I feel so blessed that you came busting through the CDC doors and into my life. I always wanna make you proud; as my best friend, big sister, and show mom. Life has been a whole lot sweeter with you in it, and definitely sassier as well. You've given me so much and pushed me harder when I needed it. Thanks for calling me out when I deserve it, and lifting me up on the tough days. You're the toughest, strongest (like holy cow chica *insert growl here*), and most headstrong woman I know. Anytime I need anything you're there, and for that alone thank you. Plus, I know if anyone ever tries to mess with me... I've got some muscle in my corner. Pretty lady, you mean the world to me. Thank you for the most memorable and bittersweet (last) county fair week I could have asked for. All my success is because you took the time to realize my own potential. How do I end this? You're amazing, beautiful, and reallyyy good at sharing (with me). Love you and our inside jokes ❤️

My beautiful baby sister is growing up, and I could not be more proud of the driven woman she is becoming. Today she was crowned one of the 2018 Ashley's Princesses after months of preparation and hard work. I know she will forever leave an impact on Boulder County, as she spends this next year serving as an ambassador for the western way of life and sport of rodeo. I'm so proud of the poise, professionalism, and passion Jaylyn carries herself with. Congratulations Jaylyn, and to all royalty crowned this evening 👑🦋💜

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