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jen  designer / cool dude / idiot 🐱🌴👯🍦🔮🐱

went here / split a burger / fell asleep watching soundgarden videos and twin peaks on Linda's couch like the fun, sexy people we are.

these nerds turned 5 today - i love them. happy birthday, the buddies. ❤️

Going to maybe fall asleep before 11pm for the first time in 2017/my entire life. #wakemeupinside #cryforhelp #jerryorbachseyes #zzzzz


haha I was originally joking that everything I post (do?) is a cry for help ...

my account was hacked. sorry if anything weird happened/didn't happen. 🔮

not pictured: towels


I think you know what I'm trying to say here 🌹❤️🍒🍫

Early 2000s livejournal aside, I have always felt weird revealing my personal, non-Facebook-birthday related feelings online. With all of the surreal and hateful decisions that are being attempted in our government recently, I am trying to get over feeling like this in the chance that it makes a difference in any way. For now, I wanted to share this photo and poignant post by my seester @chreees, and I'm so grateful that she wrote it:
this is my grandfather john victor simon. among many other things, he was a niagara falls attorney before the supreme court, he served in WWII and was in the very first regiment of the US Army to liberate a concentration camp, he was a father of 12 incredible children including my mother. when his family came through Ellis Island from Lebanon, they were deemed 'Syrian' on their papers.

President Trump has signed a document banning the entry of Syrian refugees into the United States (source: @nytimes) and I can not support a man or government whose actions declare men and women like my grandfather undeserving of the opportunity to be american. I've never been more ashamed of a single human being in my lifetime than I am of our president and choose not to be silent with this discontent.


happy birthday to this beautiful, trailblazing badass & genuine soul. thanks for being born. thanks for this sweet bday present from last year... #thaanks #dollyparton

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