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Seraah  CHROME TEARS coming soon on FUTUREHOOD

On the horizon
A single black rose blooming
Waiting for your touch🌹

All of my female/non binary friends should invest in a few more toys. These things aren't expensive. Amazon is full of them, and pepper spray. Light a bitch up of u have to ⚡🔥⚡

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Timothy Caughman (black man) suffered a stab wound through the chest from an 18 inch blade by a white army vet from DC...this man stated he exclusively wanted to kill black men. Traveled 200 miles just for the act. This act of terror...this hate crime hasn't been listed as such. This senseless loss of a life happened in NYC , home to art museums such as the @whitneymuseum who give space to mediocre white artists that take stories like these (stories such as the tragedy of Emmit Till) make vapid work about shit they will never understand...who have no remorse, they give them space to make a buck as a reward for the act of disorienting emotional/psychic warfare...sit back in silence, and in doing so, in the deafening silence drive a blade through the chest of Black America.

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Waking up to this and just wondering why the fuck we like in a world this toxic. Regram from @maldevisa

And through all the disarray. A shredded memory. The enemy weighs on me. But I'm not broken I just bleed. As I kneel to you. Reach for me. Guide the way. Cuz my soul has been cold enough. Shivering as I wait for your light. Cast my soul into the center of the sun. Where I'm no more. Shower on me. There I'm free from always sewing it up. On my hands and knees I'm waiting here for you. Waiting as I fall to pieces. 📷 @j_a_m_i_e_s__

He reached with his hand
Into my mouth, down my throat
And found a pearl

🌈 Catching the pump with the boo @f_virtue8

Some days im just NSFW 📷 @j_a_m_i_e_s__
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Always been an angel. Always been ascending🙏🔥⚡ check the #linkinbio for the gospel from the FUTURE⚡URGENT⚡

⚡URGENT⚡This is what the FUTURE sounds like---->Best consumed while drinking hydration beverages while lounging in wearable fabrics.🌊🔥⚡ #linkinbio

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