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Ruth Speer 🌙  ☕️ just a simple bagel • ✝️🎨🌿 • PNW • GFU • thesis exhibition opens April 23 at Minthorne Gallery in Newberg, OR

This coming TUESDAY I and five other senior art majors will host an opening reception for our thesis exhibitions!!!
It will begin at 4 in Lindgren Gallery (so go there first!!! A campus map of George Fox University can be found online) for @sarahrosellacuevas and @hc_co and then move to Minthorne Gallery across campus for me, @stonepetalceramics @honeywutt and @meganlfrancisco.
Hope to see you there ♥️

Painting dear sweet @jxhnnykang and using the panel as the palette, something I’ve wanted to try for a while 🌿 also, the sia/labrinth/diplo album is nice Painting Music

⚔️ I wanted to take a break from oil painting and do something just for fun, so here’s a #drawthisinyourstyle which I’ve been wanting to take part in for a long time!!
It’s an illustration of the German fairy tale “Snow White and Rose Red,” or “Scheeweißchen und Rosenrot.” 🌹❄️ (which I had misspelled until the very end 🤦🏻‍♀️ and also separate from the better known Snow White, or Schneewittchen) I drew a pencil sketch and then borrowed very kind @blackteethcreative’s iPad and drew over it in Procreate, which was SO nice because I never had to sharpen my pencil. All in all it took about three hours. Swipe for a timelapse ☕️
There isn’t really a knife in the story, it’s actually a pair of scissors (which, come to think of it, would have looked interesting) but I loved drawing the idea of the two very different sisters sticking together, which they do in the fairy tale.
If you redraw this please include the original & tag me & hashtag #drawruthsstyle so I can share it!! Much much love. Back to painting I go ♥️♥️♥️

Beginning to paint my dad. ♥️ Including the hair across his forehead that my mom calls a “Superman curl.” 🦸🏻‍♂️ Oil on wood, 3’ tondo, using #4 square brushes as much as possible to stay consistent 🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻

Back at it again, my last month in this art nook. Hazelnut coffee, lavender candle, forget-me-nots and winter heath from near my dog’s grave. Sharpened pencils and clean brushes 🌾🐚☁️ time to get things done ☕️

In the middle of all my half finished paintings listening to the same 3 Enya songs ☕️
I feel like I’m so aware of where I want to be in everything I do and what it could look like, with every project I boil down to a little lump of stress trying to reach just a little higher, make it just a little more perfect, because I can see where I want to be and I’m not there. And I can tell myself “this is fine, leave it where it is,” but I KNOW it’s not right, and I steamroll over all the other parts of my life in order to make whatever art I’m working on my own personal version of good, whatever that happens to be. I’m so appreciative of this current season of school but I also look forward to when I’ll actually pay attention to other aspects of living, like my family and friends, and not just in a rushed kind of “sorry I just have so much to do” way.

I have a lot of fear about this body of work because it’s not what I’m used to doing and I’m not sure it will end up the way I want it to, but I’m still making it and it will exist!! If you’d like to come to my senior exhibition opening, it will be on April 23 at Minthorne Gallery @ George Fox University. I’ll be showing in the same room as some other wonderful artists, @stonepetalceramics @meganlfrancisco and @honeywutt. Hope to see you there 👸🏻🧜🏼‍♀️🦄

“Your once-silken voice will desert you, your legs
will make every step on land a torture.
There will come a time when you miss
the seaweed and seals, your old ways,
your old body. Now fit for neither land
nor sea, your sacrifice long in the past now.
Comb your hair, which keeps growing,
though you’ve lost your prince.
You know the time is coming
where you’ll pay the price
for your short time in the sun.
You sit outside the doors of the castle,
and no one recognizes you as cursed,
or as former mermaid or magical creature at all.
You are just another broken human now.
If they looked closely, maybe they’d see
the sea foam in your eyes. But probably
they’ll swish past you on sturdy strong feet without notice.” • Jeannine Hall Gailey
oil on panel // 4x6’

more work on this little mermaid piece 🎨🧜🏼‍♀️

“I didn’t come here to become queen. I don’t have any luck and also don’t demand any,” the queen declared...“I’ll set out into the world.”

The “Maiden Without Hands” or “Mädchen ohne Hände” has many versions. A lot can be found for reading in any fairy tale collection or online, but the most visually memorable one that I read as a kid has a king fashioning silver hands for the handless maiden after he marries her. After reading the translation of the original Grimm edition by Jack Zipes I was interested to find a) not a silver hand in sight, b) less eye-wateringly affected piety and c) this great line from the maiden herself.

So I combined my favorite parts of the multiple versions and am making this painting about the maiden, with armor-inspired silver hands, setting out into the world, having no luck and not demanding any 🌿🌱🌳🌲🍄🌞 Huge thanks to my friend Joy for modeling: @radiate_joy ♥️

...”This was a mirror framed in brass
Ask it something, day or night,
It always got the answer right.
For instance, if you were to say
“Oh Mirror, what’s for lunch today?”
The thing would answer in a trice
“Today it’s scrambled eggs and rice.”
Now every day, week in, week out
The spoiled and stupid Queen would shout
“Oh Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?”
The Mirror answered every time
“Oh Madam, you’re the Queen sublime...” • Roald Dahl
My senior thesis work is focused on the pivotal, emotional moments in some of my favorite fairy tales. I wanted the evil queen and her sightless mirror in this particular painting to have more going on with them character-wise than meets the eye (a remnant of my days writing fairy tale fanfic on fan Never say your high school hobbies were useless) but also, this poem made me laugh 👸🏻🍎✨ p.s. love how the red jewels on her crown look like little blobs of cherry jelly

swipe to see some ~deconstruction~
“When the queen heard this, she was horrified, for she saw that she had been deceived and the huntsman had not killed Snow White.” Here’s myself as the huntsman (woman) plotting mercy in Snow White because it was very late at night and I needed someone to pose for me and I happened to be there in the studio. Since this piece is so big (3x5’) I’ve been trying to force myself to use big brushes and broad strokes as much as possible, but I can’t resist those little eye glints ✨👁👁✨

Currently 🗡🗡🗡 knocking out my senior thesis work, which will culminate in an opening April 23rd at Minthorne Gallery at George Fox University here in Newberg, OR. / deep breath / but meanwhile here’s a few snaps from the other night when I was gessoing all my remaining surfaces ☕️☕️☕️ thank you to my fav real life couple and @davidgregoryroy for modeling for this piece 💕🌚💕

happy valentine’s to my fav lovely sweet nugget lad, so good and pure ♥️ Jake likes Downton Abbey, funk music and peach bubble tea. He also has a pepperoni pizza tattoo. 2.5 years is a nice long while when you’re a young whippersnapper, good thing we continue to find each other so interesting 😘😘😘

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