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Top Hat  Veteran🇺🇸| Free Citizen🦅| Machinist I make parts for TiFighters, and invest heavily in lead🔫👍🏼 2A is life.

I dropped my mag at least 20 times trying to take this picture.🤷‍♂️#everydaycarry

As your arsenal grows so should your training. What’s the point of having 50 guns you’re not proficient with?🤷‍♂️

I don’t know who this guy is, and even though his mind is twisted and skewed I wish him no ill will. Just know that there are certain people who are so demented and morally bankrupt that they would advocate the hanging of law abiding, free citizens. We can’t fix this cultural issue by keeping quiet about outrageous comments such as this one. These men and women who claim to be soldiers for “human rights” and “safety” truly do not care about either of these things. It is clear that their agenda is not our safety. Live relentlessly, live free.🇺🇸
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A story in two images. I’m down for this plan advocated by Bart, if he’s the one rounding up Americans to be hung.
As an unrepentant gun owner I’ll be first! I hope he brings all his friends too, it’ll be a great time.

Remington 1148. They just don’t make em like this anymore.🦅

Nothing happens for a reason unless you decide to use the experience for a purpose. Otherwise, it goes to waste and becomes meaningless.
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“I’M THE MAJORITY” -Proud gun owner makes impassioned plea to his city council to listen to law-abiding citizens in gun control debates

To everyone who said it would never happen. Shits heating up folks.
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And there it is.

Some might say that because the other side could give a shit less about us that it is justified to act the same towards them. Let’s not stoop to that level.
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It’s easy to fall into that ditch so let’s not. #YouTube #BeTheExample #NoCompromise #2A #ProGun

Monday is just another day.👍🏼

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