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Sometimes you take last minute road trips. Sometimes they result in late night visits/phone calls to the pharmacy for medical emergencies. Sometimes they result in spots you want to visit being too full to enter, so you have to tell the park ranger you’re trying to propose. Sometimes they result in eating so much that you feel nauseous. Sometimes they result in you getting engaged. This trip was all of that.
Oh, and here’s a shot of my fiancé, @shannonweeeee.

I’ll stray away from my usual nonsensical caption and use this as an opportunity to encourage people to vote, regardless of what your views are. Educate yourself before voting and exercise your right to vote. This is your chance to express yourself by getting an “I VOTED” sticker and putting it wherever you like.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some water.

#AdobePartner Creating collages like these has never been easier thanks to @AdobeSpark. It's rad taking a trip and creating some assortments of photos for lasting memories to share with friends and family! Go create your own on #AdobeSpark and check my stories for a behind the scenes and a fun template I created about a recent trip to Big Sur!

Big Sur for the weekend was the best trip I’ve ever been on. Mostly because I ate BBQ sandwiches on multiple occasions but also because @shannonweeeee and I got to try out some new things that we’d never done before. It’s always nice to go to a familiar place and experience it in a totally new way.
Oh, and here’s some shots of some leaves and stuff.

I’m road trippin’ for the weekend which means I have lots of time for podcasts. This is that time where I ask you all for suggestions! Just know that I won’t read any of them and will still listen to whatever I want. I’m only asking because that seems to be the cool thing to do so everyone knows I listen to podcasts.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some waterfalls.

Shoutout to @shannonweeeee for hiking over 20 miles to the top of Half Dome yesterday. While you were moving and shaking, I was eating gelato and tacos. Many would say she had the better day but it’s tough to argue with Sea Salt Caramel Gelato and carne asada.
Oh, and here’s a shot of a rock.

The PNW has always been a special place, so what better place to celebrate a special person’s birthday. It’s been amazing bringing in another year for @shannonweeeee at the gorge today, even if she applies sunscreen in front of waterfalls in a place that gets 12 minutes of sunshine a year. Happy birthday, Shannon!
Oh, and here’s a shot of a dog.

Before visiting Hawaii I had no idea it is home to the largest coral reef in America. That was not the only thing I learned while there. I have loved dragon fruit for quite a while. More importantly, I learned that I now really really really love dragon fruit.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some plants.
PS much love to everyone there as they prepare for the incoming hurricane.

I’ve eaten a lot of pineapple in Hawaii and it’s all been from the tops of cocktails. As I don’t even drink cocktails, you’d think this would be an expensive way to eat pineapple, but really it just means I’m swooping on that delicious citrus perched atop your drink when you’re not looking.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some shoelaces. Big thanks to @maverickhelicopters for the fun hang this morning.

Shoutout to all the Instagrammers posting photos of the back of their friends and family as they “candidly” take in beautiful views. We love seeing the back of their heads blocking the vistas. Art.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some rocks.

Shoutout to all these people on this bridge in Canada for making my life easier. I’m going to go finish all the maple syrup in Vancouver while you goons take selfies.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some foliage.

Seattle, it’s been real. Our LA hipsters swear by kale but take off their felt hats to low key munch on in n out. You Seattle hipsters are the real deal. I see you napping in Capitol Hill with your felt hats on. No breaks from that hipster life.
Oh, and here’s a shot of LA.

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