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I just bought a new dog and would love some ideas for names. He's a German shepherd puppy. My family is suggesting names like "Prada," so naturally the only logical thing to do is turn to help from complete strangers. Clearly any suggestion is better than the ones my family is giving me. Prove me right by not suggesting things like "Gucci."
Oh, and here's a shot of some water.

@ChacoFootwear is making my life easy! One pair of shoes for the commute, the hike and for hanging with friends afterwards! Looking good used to be way more work before getting these sandals!

No, I don't tie my shoe laces. I just leave them permanently tied and struggle with them every time I need to put my shoes on. The 6 minutes it takes to battle each shoe as I put it on with the laces already tied is worth it because it also doubles as my daily workout. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go rest before I put my right shoe on.
Oh, and here's a shot of some rocks.

I bought this motorcycle fairly recently and have been itching for ways to make it more unique. It's been awesome partnering with @rustoleumauto to put my own paint touches on the bike, thanks to their Peelable Prime!

Formula for making super cool videos to post on Instagram and YouTube:
Step 1: borrow a go pro from your friend who's already made super cool videos.
Step 2: find another super cool friend who can do back flips into water.
Step 3: record him.
Step 4: edit. This just means take the raw footage, make it super slow motion and add a super cool/cheesy summer anthem as the track.
Step 5: tell your friends you're super cool.
Oh, and here's a shot of some super cool rock. Anyone want to back flip off it for me so I can make a super cool video?

I've been loving the fact that I can use @rustoleumauto Peelable Primer to put unique touches on my motorcycle. It's always fun setting your bike apart from the crowds. Get out there and express yourself! #FeelthePeel

Whoever can guess what time of day this photo was taken is going to get a Snickers bar from me as a prize. I'll go first. 10:38 P.M. I don't believe it, I was right! I guess I win the prize! Catch you later, losers...time to go eat this Snickers bar that I just won.
Oh, and here's a shot of a lighthouse.

I hooked up with @peetscoffee and spent the day in Malibu with good weather, good company and good cold brew! I'm pretty sure cold brew is my best friend, which is why I love their Ready-To-Go Cold Brew bottles! Where does your cold brew take you? #truecoldbrew #betterenergy

I heard the ladies love bad boys so I turned up my rebel dial all the way to 10 today. I'm wearing Nike socks with my Adidas sandals.
Oh, and here's a shot of some sand.

Everyone's so busy trying to take silly photo props to played out locations so they can show the world they took photos of blankets and tents where all the cool kids go to take photos. People forgot how to take a photo for themselves. That's why I'm out here taking selfies with your mom. I'll cherish these selfies forever.
Oh, and here's a shot of some grass.

I'm super stoked on my @chacofootwear! The perfect sandals for all outdoor activities! Check them out in the link in bio! #ChacoNation #sponsored

I love when people ask for podcast suggestions as it's a chance to really waste some of their time. Snooki, a character from the old reality show "Jersey Shore," just started a podcast and I don't have to listen to it to guess that it's the worst thing that ever aired. Every time people ask for recommendations I used to recommend stuff like "grammar girl," but now I'll definitely be recommending this one. If anyone needs any podcast suggestions, feel free to ask. I'm happy to help.
Oh, and here's a shot of a 2,300 year old temple.

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