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My favorite way to travel is road tripping and my favorite part about road tripping is snacking. Without the right amount of the right snacks, your road trip is destined to fail. A close second to snacks is road trip companions. From a couple quick trips to Santa Barbara, to the coastline up to Mendocino, to camping in Big Sur with stops in San Francisco and Santa Cruz and more, the last month has been a whirlwind of first class road tripping. Big ups to @shannonweeeee for keeping the snacks flowing and the jams pumping during the last 2,000ish miles.
Oh, and here’s a couple shots of some stuff from the last road trip.

As far as cities go, San Francisco is one of my favorites. I’ll be driving through there later tonight. I won’t be stopping. It’s just a power move to let San Francisco know I’m still the boss and I don’t stop unless I feel like it. Take that, SF.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some sand.

My bank teller asked if we could go for a drive together. Sorry, man. You got too close. Our friendship was meant to be superficial and remain within the walls of the bank. At least take me out for dinner first.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some leaves.

I’m raising two dogs so I’m a father too. Happy Father’s Day to me...and to all the dads of course, but also to me.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some rocks.

Every photo has a story behind the photo. I love the story behind a photo more than the photo. When I took this photo I had a pack of Hostess cupcakes. I sat on them which squished the pack and filled my back pocket with cupcake. Then I got hit by a wave which soaked my shorts and made the squished cupcake salty when I still tried to eat it. This made me sad and hungry. It was really one of the worst moments of my life. Life is fantastic if this sunset was such a bad day though, eh?
Oh, And here’s a shot of some water.

It’s been a while since I’ve got a really solid workout in. Now that it’s warming up in LA, it means it’s time to get in the pool. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get a workout in by blowing up my inflatable lounge so I can take a nap in the pool.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some rocks.

Double fisting bowls of cereal this morning because today is a celebration. What am I celebrating? Costco sells two bags of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in one box. I’m quite confident my celebration couldn’t be any more appropriate.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some rocks.

There are few things I love more than traveling and photographing landscape. Cars and motorcycles are those few things. Big thanks to the @petersenmuseum for an incredible event and the access to some of the most beautiful cars and bikes I’ve ever seen. Highlight of the night: the never ending supply of cheese. Michael Schumacher’s ‘96 F1 Ferrari was a close second, but nothing beats an endless supply of cheese.
Oh, and here’s some shots of some tires.

I’ve been to Big Sur a fair amount of times and it never disappoints. The worst part of Big Sur trips is that they must come to an end. This trip was easily the one, of all my Big Sur trips, that I would have liked to never end...until I got home and found a box of Hot Tamales candy in the car that I forgot I purchased. Thanks to @shannonweeeee for being a top notch road trip buddy, but Hot Tamales always win.
Oh, and here’s some shots of some water and plants and stuff.

*insert “engaging” question here to try to get people to comment on your photo because they want the Instagram algorithm to make their photo more visible because they’re thirsty for the likes*
Oh, and here’s a shot of some plants.

@shannonweeeee and myself have been in a competition to see who the fatter baby is. We’ve been incapable of agreeing, even though our server at dinner last night was forced to pick and ruled me the fatter baby. Let me know who you think the fatter baby is in the comments. To keep it unbiased, I won’t mention which baby is which. On an unrelated note, I’m the brown one.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some road...followed by some babies.

Shoutout to everyone who posts a photo to their IG story just to announce that they’ve posted the same photo to their feed. Now I get to see the same shot twice, which has always like, toootally been like my absolute like dreeeeam. Thank you like so so sooo much. Not.
Oh, and here’s a shot of some grass.

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