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SENCHA「千茶」  Jack of All Trades, Master of Absolutely Nothing - ハーフ - Afro-Japanese - NorCal - Cosplayer (currently on hiatus) - Photog (*TRYING*)


「俺は一になる」- Part 2 of 4. Bakugou Katsuki: @kiba.cos

「僕も君に勝つ!」- Part 1 of 4. Midoriya Izuku - @cv01.cosplays

I know nothing about FFXV, I just have beautiful friends who do. Lunafreya - @kiba.cos

much selfie, such wow aka. that time I had short black hair for a minute

Day 2 of #sacanime whooooo!!! Didn't post for day 1 but day 2 is underway! Check me at Animebooks from 10-2

Season 2 of PSwG where you at? PC: @jiuuren

The best kind of fuck-you a fuckboi can do

Time to accept new fuckboi status with this 2nd detsuboy jacket. Thanks @kinfoldofficial

Gonna be cosplaying as a photographer for CRX. Treat me kindly y'all I'm just starting out. #crunchyrollexpo


Tfw you treat yo self but it's thru dad's card. Thank you dad✨

If I can't have control over my life, at least I have control over my hair

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