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Not blaming you
For the lessons
You have yet to learn
Just despondent
Staring at the
Bridge that you have burned
Funny how the
Hands of time
Continued to show
You pointing the finger
I’d better get
Off the dime
I guess I will no
Longer daftly linger
Around your
Broken aura
Enjoy your
Next señora
I hope that you
Regain your spirit
I hope that you
Crush any limit
You’ve specified for
You never needed
My help
Yet I’ll never
Regret what I gave you
In my artless
Endeavor to save you

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Oh my child
If they knew
What we’ve endured
And what we’ve been through
How much we long
And how much we miss
How much we dream
And how long the kiss
Before you leave
And how hard the tears
To keep from pouring
How deep the fears
How alive the pain
How burning the separation
How strong the chain
How unfair the declaration
How often we both feel
We can no longer go on
How often you ask when
And I reply before long
Oh my child
No one knows
About our
Chronic throes
Even if they did
Nothing would cease
So we continue
And so we proceed
We do what we have to
We stay on our feet
We find joy regardless
We don’t miss a beat
And before long my sweet
Child we will see
How life is perceived when
We feel complete

I don’t really take selfies anymore, except while with my son. And I don’t know why. So I just decided to take a bunch of post-work snaps and post ‘em. And that’ll probably be enough for the next two years. 😬 #selfie

‘Lone Wolf’
I know you’re a
And the reasons
Are complex
So I understand
There is no point
In sending you
These texts
See, you have made me grab
The pen more than
Anyone I know
So you and I
Cannot be friends
There’s too much
I can’t show
Because it all
Would make you
Just run back
Into the dark
Where you feel safe
Cause you can’t stand
Anything more than
A spark
So you refuse
To let yourself
Feel anything
More than lust
So afraid of the
Unknown depths
Into which you
Might be thrust
If you actually
Opened up
And allowed
Someone to see
Your flaws
Perceived shortcomings
And your vulnerability
Unbeknownst to you
I have already
Taken all that in
Yet here I stand
Full of adoration
For the lone wolf
In sheepskin
But I suggest
That you leave
In the same way
That you came
And don’t give me
Any of your lip
Lest mine burst
Into flame ~Senay Rogers~

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