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When you've got that going to bed late habit, but you have work at 9 in the morning and REALLY want to wake up in time to start your day off right. 😬

It may take some time
But you can learn
To let go of that
Which constantly burns
Consuming your fuel
Faster than you can
Because in the end it
Really does matter
Your life is yours
It's yours to shatter
Or to redefine
I know what it feels like
To be so far from hope
I completely understand
The appeal of a rope
I get the yearning for relief
From a place where all
Positive belief
Seems lost forever
But nothing is impossible
To retrieve
It may take some time
But you can achieve
All of that for which you came
All that which you meant to be
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Around a year ago, a good friend of mine from London told me his cancer had returned. He'd fought it off twice before. He said he wouldn't be in touch with me any longer, because he didn't want to be a burden. None of my attempts to convince him I was happy to be there for him succeeded. He never again answered my calls, nor my messages. It's the last I ever heard from him.
We'd worked on some music together. And the first time he heard Rihanna's Anti album was from my phone. We both savored it as we were blown away by the rawness of it.
He was a lot on my mind yesterday. He was such amazing company and such a joy - few people have ever made me laugh the way he did.
This is for him. Maybe he can hear it. And see past its imperfections, the way he always looked past mine.
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Federer making history on my bday. 😀💯Congratulations!

Joel, the guy in green - kickboxing or Muay Thai? What do my martial artists say? I think it looks more like kickboxing. Then again, I know nothing about kickboxing. 😂Martial I'd say: Jackie Chan movies 😆

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Forget @FloydMayweather and @TheNotoriousMMA@JoelPereira1 v @Martial_9 is where the real action’s at! 🥊 #MUTOUR

Indeed. 😀❤Pre-birthday cake. Taking a break during a hectic day cake. My favorite nut cake. Call it whatever you want. All I know is this is #lovely #lechocolatbahrain

First time I've ever bought something from the store I work in. 😀❤ (Emporio Armani, Moda Mall) At 80% off, of course! 😆Guys, if you haven't already, you need to check out our end-of-season sale! Discounts from 40-80%!

Wrote this during my lunch break earlier. It's been a really productive day! 😀
Is the world really
Such a dangerous place
Is it really this vile
Are we such a disgrace
Is our freedom pretense
Are we really enslaved
Inherently locked up
With no way to escape
If so, why on earth
Would we stay on this planet
Why don't we just bounce
Why don't we just vanish
Would God give us this life
As a gift and then damn it?
Would He in His vastness
Really leave us stranded
Are we bound to lose
With these cards we are handed
Or is it all up to us
Is it a case of us planning
Then sabotaging ourselves
Misdirecting the magnet
That constantly attracts
Through our minds, could our habits
Be the real culprit
The hindrance, the challenge
If our sole objective
Were to maintain our own balance
I wonder how far we
Could go, if we managed
To find peace with ourselves
Our journeys, the havoc
That we sometimes cause
In this great world we inhabit

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Comfortable with nature. ❤👌🏼 #Repost @natgeo (@get_repost)
Photo by @mattiasklumofficial for @natgeo Deadly encounter... Not really... People frequently explain to me that I have a dangerous job. Working close to elephants, tigers, polar bears, leopards, lions, sharks, illegal logging operations and venomous snakes such as this beauty. In my line of work doing serious research and reading nature well is key! It'll get my closer to my subjects and it has so far kept me alive! During a @natgeo assignment in the republic of Congo I managed, with kind assistance from Samuel, (my camera assistant at the time) and Zoltan (a great herpethologist), to close in on this beautiful and highly venomous banded water cobra! It resulted in a series of unique images of this rarely seen species. Go to @mattiasklumofficial if you want see some "result-pictures". Photo by #samuelsvensäter/Tirragrande Productions #grateful #teamwork #determination #respectnatur #watercobra #congo #cobra #snake #conservation #rainforest #respect #photooftheday #protectbiodiversity #bestjobintheworld #instagood @irisalexandrov @mattiasklumcollection @thephotosociety @natgeo

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