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🌞 S E L M A🌛  I've always had a wild imagination, a big heart and a tortured soul. Fantasy, love and horror are in my blood.🌙 Hairdresser to be.


Step inside

"Come back to me... Even as a ghost, even as a shadow, a raven at my door, a scar upon my body- for it is in my trembling, shrinking heart, I hold the things we thought we lost" @segoviaamil

"Beloved, I'll have you know, a deep tenderness grows for you, who have stained me. I find that all that exists around me now is full of you" @segoviaamil

a d o r a b l e is the word you are looking for

"There cannot live a passion much greater than this - it wells up in me, makes my heart ache... Until my eyes brim with water, until my lashes grow dark" @segoviaamil

ainoa varoittava asia on valomerkki


mä & kaks beibee #footmark ja #ville

Ett par spruckna läppar, ett par trötta grå ögon, ett par bleka kinder utan blod.

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