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Carl  💰🔨

Distracting my hangover by shifting the discomfort to my legs and lungs.

Happy to let others reach for new heights this weekend

Spent the day after #vlm2017 getting out of my body and into my mind

Bike share in Copenhagen comes with its own GPS tablet.

My dog sometimes just decides to make herself comfortable in random strangers' laps (who later told me it made their day). Oh and happy 5th birthday Butters! Hope you enjoyed your birthday present of a weekend in the country.

You know your coffee habit has evolved into addiction when you install a cupholder on your handlebars

Took the long way home from work

I think we all need to take a cue from penguins and just take life as it comes

What magnificent planet we live on

El gringo y el pengüino

Just taking a dip

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