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J A Z  i hugged tyler and josh TOP THAT


this is glorious

truce means a lot to me

I'm like bitch, who is your mans?, aye
Can't keep my dick in my pants, aye
My bitch don't love me no more, aye
She kick me out I'm like vro, aye
That bitch don't wanna be friends, aye
I gave her dick, she got mad, aye
She put her tongue on my dick, aye
Look at my wrist, about 10, aye
Just got a pound of that boof, aye
Brought that shit straight to the booth, aye
Tommy my Hilfiger boots, aye
She said want fuck bitch, I do, aye
You put a gun on my mans, aye
I put a hole in your parents, aye
I just got lean on my ksubis, aye
I got an uzi no uzi, aye

this is cool


i am so sad rn

all around me are familiar faces

won my volleyball match :D

highkey wanna post my art on this account but yknow judgment is scary and I'm really inconsistent with my style. and sometimes I could go maybe a week without making a piece of artwork because I'm going through some kind of block but yeah idk. maybe I will I do wanna show off the stuff I'm proud of but I'm anxious about if anyone would like it

do any of you like frank iero im curious

this is so precious

it looks like he's wearing lipstick

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