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Why are we taught to be so afraid of our sexuality. Our sexuality is part of who we are and if we are going to accept and love ourselves then we need to accept and love that too.
We are...
Slut shamed.
Fetish shamed.
Judged for our sexual preference.
Judged for liking our bodies.
Judged for masturbating.
Shamed for our choice of sexual partner.
Shamed for enjoying sex.
Shamed for NOT enjoying sex.
Judged for talking about sex.
Not properly taught it at some religious schools.
Shamed for pregnancy.
Shamed for abortion.
It’s none of your business what someone chooses to do with their body. Their body their fucking rules. As long as it’s consenting from all involved then enjoy and explore yourself!!!
No shame in the sex game 🙏

💛 Take what you need.

“You don’t have anxiety.. you go out and do things”
“It can’t be that bad if you socialise”
“I get nerves all the time so I know how you feel”
Don’t confuse nerves with anxiety.
High functioning anxiety is a thing.
Anxiety isn’t just feeling anxious. Anxiety isn’t just nerves. Anxiety isn’t just overthinking with a bit of panic. It’s not just worry... it’s a mental illness with awful physical symptoms and I think we often forget that about anxiety.
Anxiety itself is a normal response to life but when it becomes constant, irrational and life consuming is when it becomes a problem.
I can function (most of the time) with my anxiety. It stops me from doing things from time to time but I can generally socialise when I want. This doesn’t mean I don’t suffer from anxiety. Anxiety affects more in my life than just my social life. I can be perfectly fine one second and then dizzy, nauseous, trembling and paralysed with fear the next over irrational things. I’ve suffered with anxiety since childhood and my ability to hide it and appear unfazed has grown with me and whilst that’s helped me in life it’s also exhausting as it feels like I’m living a double life.
Anxiety isn’t just nerves.
Anxiety doesn’t just present itself in worry.
Anxiety is normal at appropriate times and doesn’t mean you have anxiety as a mental illness.
Anxiety doesn’t mean someone can’t socialise.
Tb to when I met an actual angel. @bodyposipanda

Be more you.
Don’t settle for the version of you that you feel pressured to be.
Be truly unapologetically true to yourself.
Be weird.
Be loud.
Be vibrant.
Be bold.
Be confident.
Be everything that your heart desires. Don’t starve yourself of the fucking amazing taste of self acceptance. Don’t go another day without letting the world know who YOU are.
T by @bloodynorapam

I’m here. I’m fighting. I’m a badass survivor. 💛
Art by @the_free_lilly

It’s world mental health day so here’s a friendly reminder to CHECK ON YOUR STRONG FRIENDS.
✔️Check on the friends who seem to have their shit together.
✔️Check on the friends who seem to be kicking life’s ass.
✔️Check on the friend who is there for everyone else.
We all have mental health. We all need support and love.
Just because one day we may seem stronger or happier it doesn’t mean we don’t need to check the crap out of our mental health and make sure we take care of it.
Show support.
Show love.
Be caring.
Be kind.

Parenting guilt SUCKS.
I’ve been feeling it recently. Overthinking and obsessing with how I rate as a parent and how my actions are affecting Eli.
We are so harshly judged as parents (often by those who don’t even have children 🙄). One ‘wrong’ move or one thing that’s seen as less than perfect in the eyes of societal expectations and we are shoved down the scale of parenting.
I’ve recently come to the realisation that the key to letting go of guilt may be simply a question of perspective.
What defines a good parent? What does it truly mean to you?
As a Mum I will fuck up from time to time and however much it pains me to think I WILL cause Eli pain in his life. It’s not my job to carpet the world for him. It’s my job to put slippers on his feet instead. I want to give him the tools to deal with the less than perfect not shelter him from anything bad.
I will make mistakes and I will piss him off but I will love him to the very end. I’d tear myself down to the bone and build myself back up for him. I would fight a hungry lion. And to me that’s what makes a good parent.

Can I get an AMENNNNN 🙏🙏!
From @thegodesseebellion

Hope is something that’s tragic to lose.
The first time I fully lost any hope of a happy life was weeks after the photo on the left and it was the day that my heart gave out for the 2nd time in hospital from starvation. How could I recover physically and mentally from that?
I’ve lost all hope about 5000000 times in my life and yet here I am. Hopeful.
Hope can come and go but it’s never the end. Losing hope doesn’t mean it’s over.
To keep pushing and fighting through life when hope is lost is the stuff superhero’s are made of (Batman would be jealous). It takes strength, determination and bad assery but if you keep pushing I promise that hope will come back.
Keep fighting.

I no longer critique every inch of my face.
💛I look at it with love.
I no longer say nasty things to my body.
💛I touch it with care.
I no longer pull and pick at my skin.
💛I trace its lines gently.
I no longer have a panic attack leaving the house about how my face looks.
💛I embrace its every shadow and light.
Honestly, when was the last time you gasped at your own beauty... if ever?
Life it’s too short and it’s too tragic to not be at piece with yourself, your vessel that will be with you till the end.
Society has an ugly heart but you can smile a little brighter and not let it form cracks in your self esteem.
You are beautiful.
Each and every one of you reading this are perfectly beautiful, unique and wonderful.
Don’t let an ugly society make you forget your beauty.

Sexual assault victims are allowed to enjoy sex.
Sexual assault victims are allowed to be promiscuous.
Sexual assault victims are allowed to have kinks.
Sexual assault victims are allowed to do whatever the fuck they want in their sex lives.
Sexual assault is NOT a sexual experience and doesn’t affect the way I enjoy sex (of course for many it can). It was an attack, I was raped. They didn’t take away who I am, what I like and how I can express myself.
As always lingerie is from @bouxavenue

TW suicide.
I think about dying daily BUT I don’t want to die *gasps*.
I have really awful thoughts about suicide daily yet I have a hunger for life more than most.
Suicidal tendencies are my minds twisted little way of telling me the world is better off without me and it crops up all the time but my body fights against it, I don’t want to die.
We think of suicide and we think of a person desperate to end their life, their suffering and our ignorance blinds us to much else because as a society we won’t talk about it... it’s seen as such a dirty horrible secret.
I am a Mother with a wonderful son, a supportive family and friends and a bright life yet some days I stare at the medicine draw a little too long before my rational brain pulls me back.
For me, suicidal tenancies come from trauma, BPD and self esteem issues and are deep rooted and complicated.
I don’t want to die yet I’m suicidal on the daily and that’s just me, it’s what I work with and fight against... hi.

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