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Selena Snow  Realism Tattoo Artist. By Appointment Only MILDURA - MELBOURNE Enquiries & Bookings via link below

Who's keen for @ritesofpassagefestival ???? This was taken two years ago at Rites 2016! Alot has changed since then! I'll be kicking it with the @addiktedtoink crew so come say hey if your in Melbourne! Im moving to Melbourne in June and my books are open, so feel free to come talk tattooes and future projects with me!

I have been working on a massive stomach/rib/hip piece and todays tattoo is part of that. We are covering some older surgical scars to make my client feel even better about her body. 5 sessions in and its finally all starting to come together!

Mandala and dotwork pattern added to an existing tattoo (other tattoos not by me, were slightly off the centre of the spine so I did the best I could lining it up and keeping mine central also). I love doing mandalas and dotwork! Done at Redwolf Mildura

Evil Pays . Evil Ways .
From the other week at Redwolf Mildura! Background and whites to add!

**MELBOURNE** edit-Booked - I will be attending Rites of Passage with @addiktedtoink and have Friday April the 20th available!! Wanting to do a large black and grey or colour realism piece - please DM for details!

I am excited to announce that I will be joining the @addiktedtoink Crew when I move to Melbourne in June! Im excited to join this team of in incredibly talented artists and cant wait to see where this new chapter in my career takes me! @addiktedtoink @addiktedtoink @addiktedtoink

Ornamental framed New Zealand landscape for one of my favorites @_storm_in_a_teacup. The first two photos are fresh and the last photo is healed! Always love tattooing you Storm! Surrounding tattoos done by me also. Done at Animalistic Body Art Adelaide 🤘

More work on the beach themed sleeve I have been working on, we have another session this Saturday! Half healed/half fresh. Keen to continue with this one! Done at redwolf Mildura

More angles of the 3/4 sleeve I have been working on. One more session to finish it off and fill in gaps. Half healed/Half fresh. This is on one of my cousins, I love being able to tattoo my family! Done at Redwolf Mildura

Healed shot of the front part of the 3/4 sleeve I have been working on. Done at Redwolf Mildura!

Continuing onto the back on a 3/4 sleeve I have been working on. One more session to go to fully compete the entire piece.

Gangster girl inspired from a Boog piece from today! Working around from a skull piece I have yet to post!

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