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Selena Snow  Tattoo Artist currently guesting at various Tattoo Studios in Adelaide, South Australia

SEE NO EVIL HEAR NO EVIL SPEAK NO EVIL thigh piece finished over the last two days. Hear No Evil is healed from a while ago. Thanks again @_storm_in_a_teacup you are not only an absolute legend of a customer but you sat like a champ!!!

Got to finally start one of my full sleeve flash designs today!! I cannot wait to do the next few sessions on this one!! Thanks for sitting like a champ Rowan!

Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances my time at Ink Ammunition has come to an end, effective immediately. I have organised two temporary locations to work from and will be contacting each customer individually in regards to their bookings with the location of their appointment. If you have questions feel free to contact me directly. As I am in the process of organising quite a few things I may take a few days to get back to everyone. ALL CURRENT BOOKINGS REMAIN THE SAME!! Thank you for your patience during this time.

Finally got the keys to my new best friend on Monday!! Shes an absolute dream to drive 😍😍😍 Welcome to the family Z!! #newcar #350z #nissan #nissan350z #pearlwhite #car #coupe #znation #sportscar #cars #carsofinstagram #white #baby #beautiful #moneydoesbuyhappiness #z #wheels #newwheels #zoomzoom

Another shot from Saturdays Tattoo on how it wraps around the arm Powered by @inkammunition at @inkammostudios

Yesterday my client came in to get a neo traditional fairy and walked out with this! We both fell in love with this design from an unkown artist that I stumbled across in the morning when I was looking for references. I Added wings and my clients childrens names to suit the original design concept. The softest/lightest grey wash piece I have done to date and definitely enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for coming in Rebecca! Powered by @inkammunition at @inkammostudios

@sonjabowtattoos took some photos while I was working on a leg tattoo last week! Done at @inkammostudios


Concept one has been booked in! Concept two is still available!

@inkammunition @inkammostudios

I have these two FULL ARM SLEEVE concepts available to tattoo. Left is inside arm, right is outer. Various sessions at my discounted rate of $500 per day until finished, session estimate will vary depending on your size, skin tone, how you sit and how your skin heals. No cover ups. Must have fresh skin! and follow the promts to contact me @inkammunition @inkammostudios

I got to add to Marks sleeve today! I will never get old of skulls and roses!!!! Powered by @inkammunition at @inkammostudios

A few of my recent black and grey favourites!! I have a few $600 day sessions left for July and they are filling fast! Head to (link in bio) and follow the promts to book in.

I havent drawn in foreverrrrr! I guess being couped up in my house sick, bored as fuck for 4 days inspires me to do shit! Happy to get back to work tomorrow!

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