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Still a work in progress...cupboard fronts to be changed and awesome new hardware designed by the amazing @shaynefoxhardware.
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Their first recital. Two 3 hour shows, like PROS. #movingart #acrodance

GTFO green smoothie. #headcoldbegone

Twin day, so fun! 😍

Wanted to share a prompt from my private client group this week. I see so many women struggle in these ways (and some men too). Also, it's Mental Health Month and I'm going live on @themightysite FB page, this Sunday, May 21st at 9AM EST (7AM PST) talking about much of this:
I can admit I don’t want to struggle with eating healthier, having BED, anxiety, PTSD and finding the time to work-out/get sweaty some way AT LEAST 4 times a week. I can admit all of that.
But why? Struggling in all or some of these areas is completely human. We hate the struggle because of the stigma. Sure, in part - because doing hard things isn't always fun, or overcoming/getting diagnosed/living with mental health issues is emotionally taxing/painful.
But it's all exasperated by unnerving, unending, often-times arrogant; STIGMA.
Sometimes we can choose to overcome obstacles in life, or doing things we don't like. Sometimes it's not as simple as having a strong will and being able to make those choices. Genetics, chemical imbalances and past traumas have their strong-hold.
I can wake up in the morning and say I will not feel scared, triggered or angry/drained today, and that I will make tender self-care choices, eat healthier food to nourish my vessel and meditate/exercise in a way my body/brain responds to ... but wanting to do those things and telling myself I WILL do those things don't make it so.
I am finally OKAY WITH THIS. Self-acceptance about my own ISH in these ways is largely due in part to giving related stigmas a big huge middle finger, and also in sharing my story.
There is a silence inside my mind/soul that reserves itself just for the unknown. It’s where reality defies hidden dimensions. It is where my own mind can become accepting of the reset mindset. It's knowing deep down that feeling shame for any of my struggle or however many times I push that reset button is a CROCK.
Can you join me in giving the stigmas related to body image issues, mental health, lifestyle/wellness choices and struggles the big Eff you?
It's not easy, but there is immense liberation to be found in those middle finger cracks.


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Just did some unboxing with @manitobah and @pendletoncanada on my #igstories ... sharing my summer favs for the festival, beach, and pow wow trail!

Intergalactic floral botany.

Ballet things. 💃🏽 ❤️

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