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I’m so much more than what i let people know


“Dear white people you made me hate myself as a kid and now i hate you , that’s my secret shame” - Coco from the tv show Dear White People.
I don’t hate white people thats not why im posting this im posting this because as a women of colour its so important to remember this in a white society like Australia. European features are NOT the epitome of beauty. I’m biracial. My mum is Malaysian of indian heritage and my Dad is Australian of Danish, Scottish and french heritage. My mum is black, dark eyes and black hair. My dad is white, blond with blue eyes.
When i was 8. A boy called me ugly when my friend asked him why he thought that, he said “i like white girls”. When i was 9 i came back from Bali and my skin went from olive to dark brown, my bestfriend kept repeating “ what happened to you” it made me think i the less melanin, the more better. When i was 10 i went back to bali and begged my Mum to buy me whitening products, she refused but i begged to the point she knew it would make me feel better about myself;she just gave in. I came home with 8 Nivea whitening lotion bottles. From the age of 10-14 i used them. They didn’t do that much. When i was 15 i was hanging out with 2 of my whitebestfriends, i can’t even remember what we were talking about all i know was that i made a statement and one of them replied “thats cause your black” i laughed with them at first but when i stopped they kept saying it after every next thing i said. I don’t identify myself as black because im not of african descent, i told them this and they kept teasing, to the point i just put my earphones in and walked home. They’re not my friends anymore. When i was 16 my driving instructor was a indian british man, he said his niece was trying to become a actress in bollywood, people who looked like my mum don’t even get looked twice at in the industry. When i was 17 i got told im pretty for an indian girl. When i was 18 and had a decent modelling portfolio i felt pretty because of it. When i was 19 i promised to never be ashamed of what makes me who i am ever again. Im 20 now and i just wrote this.

P.S-U girls who use to tease me for my skin all have fake tans now,enjoyurorangesheets

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This photo gives me life

Currently sitting on a park bench and this is what the trees and sky above look like; no filter.



P.s her debut dropped today ✊🏽

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